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laopa -> Latest Firmware AOpen DUW1616L Pro (4/22/2006 5:29:36 AM)

Hi All,

A pre-sorry for all of the upcoming newbie questions and comments.

I have recently had a new DVD Burner installed on my system. It is (after a lot of headaches and investigation) a AOpen DUW 1616L Pro - 31 with current onboard Firmware identified as PTS2 and dated 18/1/2006. Are there any updates on this?

Over to the experts.

Antonio -> RE: Latest Firmware AOpen DUW1616L Pro (4/22/2006 5:57:23 AM)

Maybe this link to help you:

laopa -> RE: Latest Firmware AOpen DUW1616L Pro (4/24/2006 10:59:07 PM)

Just to close this off.

It would appear that the drive in the AOpen DUW1616L Pro-31 uses a LiteOn Drive (as suggested by the Dangerous Brothers) and somewhat proved by the downloading and succesful use of the LtnRPC Tool on the AOpen Burner (also suggested by the Dangerous Brothers).

So with LtnRPC (1.0.0), DVD43 (, and DVD Region Killer ( on board my system, it looks like I do not need to purchase DVD Region + CSS Free.

Thanks All

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