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Bungle -> Harddrive recorder with EPG? Help!! (4/14/2006 5:52:04 PM)

At present I own a Toshiba DVD player that has a time shift function. This I find invaluable, as it has a 2 hour buffer, so as soon as I turn the machine on it starts recording to the hard drive, if I then pause, I can pause for up to 2 hours, and then either play or rewind back to the begginning of whatever I was pausing.
My dilema? It has started becoming unreliable, so I am looking to upgrade. I am after a machine with the following: Dvd player, hard drive recorder, EPG(if EPG via internet, then ethernet or wireless connection), timeshift recording, recording buffer of at least 2 hours. I have looked at media pc's but Windows Media 2005 only seems to have a1/2 hour buffer. Can this be extended?
Am I asking too much? I have been looking around and have recently bought a Kiss DP 558, but that seems not to have any recording buffer at all. Am i wrong? So that may have to go back.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Harddrive recorder with EPG? Help!! (4/14/2006 7:14:12 PM)


Dont panic! [:D][:)]

From what I read about Kiss DP 558...it has everything you said....also time shifting and much more....depending on the model you also have 80 or 200GB Hard Disk Drive...also EPG....even Remote EPG....Weather reports....and Online games...[8D][:D][;)] And all thats for real...every single thing! So maybe you just didnt install something properly...otherwise dont know....read your manual again....slowly! [;)]

And if you dont like it....then dont know why panic again? There are MANY dvd recorders with those options (EPG,Time shifting,big HDD's...and much much more)...so all you need to do is Google around for them...or let me know which model or which pricerange are you up to and I'll try to find some for you....just PM me, cause I am not in this section very often [;)]).

Meanwhile...you may check those 2 models... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00022PUDI/104-4845527-8235957?v=glance&n=172282 (Philips HDRW720 DVD Recorder with 120 GB Hard Drive) and http://www.pixmania.com/ie/uk/135204/art/sony/rdr-hx510-dvd-player-reco.html#fichetechnique (SONY RDR-HX510 DVD player/recorder with hard drive 80 GB)
Finally...I can do almost all that with my simple TV Tuner card....so dont know why you need to spend $200-$500 or more for something that does nothing more than TV Tuner for some $50!? But its your money and decision....all I can say is good luck in finding your "Ultimate Drive"...[:D][;)]
Hope to cya around soon...Enjoy! [;)]

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