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reas11 -> p.c game help (3/18/2004 11:07:00 AM)

Hi i brought the game Halo for the p.c and i installed it and everything thing and when i went to play it a message came up saying your video driver is know to have issues with this game a newer version what is compaterble may be avalible i have a via/s3g display driver some i'm thinking that i can only download via video drivers someone please tell me where to download a new video driver

Jimmys -> RE: p.c game help (3/19/2004 6:17:52 AM)

Take a look at the readme file of the game to check if your pc meets the minimum requirements.
Maybe your graphic card is not compatible with the game
I suppose that it will be listed as supported or no supported device in the readme file

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/19/2004 6:28:12 AM)

its says that you need a video card what is 32mb/3d T&L capable i think this is my problem because it does say that im below that minum spec HOW DO I CHECK WHAT MY VIDEO CARD IS

Laffin Assassin -> RE: p.c game help (3/19/2004 7:31:08 PM)

Topic Moved does not belong in PS2 Section !!![:)]

Jimmys -> RE: p.c game help (3/22/2004 6:10:03 AM)

If your system is windows xp based
go to start->help and support
Under the "pick a task" option choose Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems.
The menu on the left will show you the hardware and software configuratioin of your pc

If it is not windows xp just let us know what is your operating system

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/22/2004 3:42:17 PM)

thanks if i wanted to buy a new video card for my via chipset what is the most powful one what i can get

Matthew -> RE: p.c game help (3/22/2004 6:12:44 PM)

Sounds like you are using a VIA chipset with onboard graphics.
There may be a driver update, which might help, but not much - onboards are usually just too weak for serious gaming.

So long as you have a AGP slot, the world is your oyster.

One thing coming out at several forums though, the latest crop of even more demanding games is looking like causing a repositiong of the budget / mainstream / enthusiast performance points - NOW may not be a good time to be buying a graphics card (is there EVER a good time?)

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/23/2004 11:47:48 AM)

can i just buy any grachics card or can it be a via one and what is the most powerful one out and wheres the agp slot and are new grahic cards hard to install


sp -> RE: p.c game help (3/23/2004 3:00:57 PM)

The AGP slot is the one completely different than the others.
This graphics card can come from any maker, not necessarily from Via.
Others might be able to help you more on the card to choose.

Matthew -> RE: p.c game help (3/23/2004 4:49:10 PM)

If it's an AGP 2.0 specification (AGP 4x) slot - and I'm betting it is, then you should be able to fit any AGP 4x or AGP 8x (will run in 4x mode) card.

The most common (in fact probably the ONLY current) performance cards are based on graphics chips by ATI or Nvidia - top of the range cards are expensive, but the Nvidia FX5700 or the ATI 9600 are good mid-range models.

In Nvidia, XT means a slower version, while Ultra means faster.
In ATI, SE means a slower version, while XT or PRO mean faster.

I'd choose a 128 Mb model in preference to a 64 Mb, but I'm not sure that 256 Mb RAM really justifies itself on a graphics card.

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/24/2004 1:52:56 PM)

i don't think i have an agp slot i have about 10 little slots with shiny metal covers on and one has my internet conection thing are these them.And if i buy a new powerful grahics card will it make any visable differents and if it said its my video hardware don't i need a new video card or are they the same thing.

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/24/2004 2:12:51 PM)

hi i was having a look at some graphic cards and it said that this card http://xbitlabs.dealtime.com/xPF-ATI_RADEON_9600_SE_256MB_GDDR2_VIDADPT_RADEON_9600_SE_256MB_GDDR2 has 128mb would this be powerful anuf to play my game Halo it needsa 32mb/3d T&L capable Video card and is a grahics card the same as a video cards

thanks for the help

Matthew -> RE: p.c game help (3/24/2004 5:58:45 PM)

Dissecting that specification.
32Mb - all current cards have that or more
T&L = Texture and Lighting - a hardware DirectX 7 feature - prewsnt even in my feeble little Geforce 2 MX.

The AGP slot will be on the motherboard, and you would have to remove the case slot plate from the correct position to enable it to fit - on older cases, they were fitted, but on modern cases, they are usually less convenient breakaways.

If you want to be REAL CHEAPSKATE, this may do it
It's a more powerful card than I'm running, but then I don't play latest games. The card is hardware DX8 capable, so meets and exceeds the "feature" specification, but the SE is a lower speed version. I'd say this one would DO, but not if you want to use higher resolution, or turn on picture quality features (anisotropic filtering / antialiasing) - turn them on, and it'll be a slide show!

This only has 64Mb, not 128MB, but is the faster (non-SE) version of the 9200

This is a directX 9 capable card, and is effectively "semi PRO" - the core speed is the faster "PRO", but the memory speed is the same as the standard - it's probably the cheapest decently powerful DirectX9 card.

Want DirectX9 support - cheaper
There you go, but for many things, a non-SE 9200 scores better than a 9600SE.

I'd recommend the 9200SE, maybe ebven the 64Mb model (I haven't listed) if you want REAL cheap, the 9200 non-SE, or the 9600 Pro - unless you care to spend >100 on a top-end but downward sliding card

If you prefer the Nvidia camp, I'd say look for a FX5700 chipset, or a FX5600 that is NOT a FX5600XT.

reas11 -> RE: p.c game help (3/25/2004 12:18:48 PM)

this ones a 128mb and and quiet cheap but it doesn't say if its t&l compaterble and would this this work on my via chipset. http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=55196

by the way thanks for the help

Matthew -> RE: p.c game help (3/25/2004 5:10:39 PM)

Looks like a 256Mb - have they shuffled?

All current Nvidia's of Geforce 2/2MX and above have T&L
ATI DirectX8 models (8500, 9000, 9100, 9200) and DirectX9 models (9500 or higher) all have T&L - the old 7000 doesn't, and the old 7500 might - though those old models would be a gaming washout anyway.

Just took a glance at EBAY...
WOW! - a one time great, and still a potent DirectX8 workhorse - and the AIW also throws in TV tuner, recording and video in.

And the 8500LE is a cheapskate winner - clocked a little slower than the full 8500 - about 20% down, I believe it was, but still capable of holding it's own against the 9200 - the DirectX 8 range has really made little progress - other than shrinking the chip to reduce production costs.

Just depends, you can go "cheap as will do it", midrange, or top end - but pepole are talking up a whole new ballpark paerformance standard for games like HL2 and Doom3, so expect to find a cheaper price, or more power at the same price, by the end of the year.

Matthew -> RE: p.c game help (3/26/2004 10:35:59 AM)

Also worth watching:
They OFTEN feature graphics cards, but not on this weekend's "today only"

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