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Jwedge1 -> NEC 3520 Problem (4/9/2006 9:23:39 PM)

If this is posted in the wrong area please move it rather than delete as i am new to the forums and cannot determine if i should tag along on an existing post or create a new one for this issue.

The problem i am having is i just flashed my firmware lastnight for the first time. The firmware went successful and i downloaded and ran the program from NEC's website. I went to put in a regular DVD today and now in explorer with no media inserted it says dvd-rom drive. But when i put in a dvd i purchased from the store it goes to cd drive. But when there is no media present i can click on the drive in explorer and it opens up with option on left to burn these files to disc but there is no files there to be burned. I have restarted my computer twice and it does not clear. I was running firmware version 1.04 and upgraded to firmware version 3.07. Is there a way to reverse the firmware and put 1.04 back on or not? Also after a firmware update do i have to re instal the drivers? it automatically re installed the device like it was plugged in for first time after i flashed the firmware last night. I don't know what is causing it to not play a regular dvd. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Antonio -> RE: NEC 3520 Problem (4/10/2006 1:22:22 AM)

You can flash it to any firmware anytime.

You can also find a firmware below:

How about the 3.07?

Jwedge1 -> RE: NEC 3520 Problem (4/10/2006 10:27:46 PM)

i was mistaken the file name of the firmware update i did had 3.22 in it but when i run the flash utility from NEC it states that i already have 3.07 installed. So i can flash either up or down it doesn't matter? But if i flash to a firmware i take a chance of breaking drive somehow? As long as i do the program from NEC i am safe right.

Antonio -> RE: NEC 3520 Problem (4/11/2006 12:58:18 AM)

Yes you can flash either up or down.[:)]
Make sure nothing stop the flashing procedure and you won't have problems.

Jwedge1 -> RE: NEC 3520 Problem (4/11/2006 8:09:19 AM)

thank you antonio.... i flashed my drive to 3.07 again, i just overwrote old copy and now it works fine i can play dvd discs again. Whew i was scared for a few days all is well now. thank you again.

Antonio -> RE: NEC 3520 Problem (4/12/2006 1:05:15 AM)

well done, no reason to thank me.[:)]

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