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dragon8888 -> help anyone??? on backing up PS2 disc (4/7/2006 3:04:18 PM)

hi guys.....I used DVD decrypter to decrp my orginial japanese game into the harddisk and i burn it out using the DVD decrypter as ISO image.....i tried on both DVD-R and DVD+R and it show the red screen (pls insert a ps1 or 2 format disc)....i did mod my PS2(SCPH 39006)....i did some reading on other forum...they think that my version of PS2(modded) is unable to read DVD-R or DVD+R....

1) Do the dye/reflective surface of the DVD-R or DVD+R which is blue-purple affect my PS2 reading??
2) I did buy some 'pocket friendly version' of PS2 game and they works well with my modded PS2 and theirs reflective surface is in gold/silver in colour....Do this mean i onli can read this type of DVD if i backup my game???
3) Do orginial PS2 game have protection....??

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