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Debbie2525 -> Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/3/2006 1:28:48 PM)

I looking into getting a DVD recorder and I have a few questions.

  I noticed that with a DVD recorder only most of them will show you a TV guide of about 7 days. My question is:  Are you still able to setup a schedule to record a show every week like you can on a VCR?

I have Comcast basic cable (not digital)
If a DVD Recorder states it has a "TV Guide On Screen Program Guide"

“To use this function, your DVD recorder must be connected to a TV antenna and able to receive a terrestrial broadcast that includes EPG data in the transmission. VCR Plus+ will not be available unless the DVD recorder has retrieved EPG program listings.”

Would I have to have Digital Cable to get this option?

I’m also wondering about ‘Bookmarks’. Meaning if I’m in the middle of watching something recorded and want to finish it the next night. Are you able to add a bookmark to go back to?    I know some do but then if you take the DVD out of the player it losses that bookmark.   Not sure what is standard in DVD recorders.

I’m also looking into DVD recorders with hard drives which I’m sure would take care some of the above…..  or would it?
Thanks for any help you can give.

ddd3 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/3/2006 8:36:46 PM)

I'm certainly waiting for a decent HD/DVD recorder. The question is, do want it to record regular analogue broadcasts? If so it will act just like a regular VHS recorder, but it won't pick up the EPG.

No you don't need digital cable. Terrestrial broadcasts are the ones that come down your aerial, cable have their own listings. Do you only have cable, or do you also have an aerial?

Features vary from recorder to recorder, but most of them seem to have a full suite of recording options. If you have digital, some will even record programmes that they think you might like based upon what you've already set them to record. Sounds a bit dodgy to me...

Debbie2525 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/3/2006 10:57:16 PM)

That's good to know that I wouldn't need cable.
I just have basic cable no aerial.

Do you know how the bookmarks would work.
I wouldn't want it to disappear if I was to take the DVD out of the player.

So does anyone know just how it works if it has a hard drive?
I have a Tivo so I'm sure it's not going to work just like that but wondering if it has a menu like a Tivo that you can watch, resume then delete when done type of thing.

The recording programs that it thinks you like sounds just like the "Suggestions" in a Tivo.  It does the same thing.


ddd3 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/4/2006 7:14:19 AM)

Without an aerial I don't think you can pick up the EPG, but as I've never actually tried I can't say for sure. The bookmarks should remain if you take the DVD out of the player, but I'm thinking that it may depend upon the player, whether they're saved onto the DVD itself, whether the player has a volatile memory... I think that's a question you're going to have to ask when you buy the machine.

Most HD recorders I've seen do pretty much the same job as Tivo, does your Tivo have an EPG?

Debbie2525 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/4/2006 11:21:44 AM)

I'm not sure if my Tivo has EPG because to be honest I don't know what it is.

This is the definition I got on the web for it:

"It enables you to receive and browse free TV programme schedules for all of the major networks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium with an analog TV card, without access to the internet"

So if this is true, I don't think I have it.


Debbie2525 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/4/2006 11:23:52 AM)

OK I then found this:

"electronic service guide (ESG), is a on-screen guide to scheduled broadcast television programs, allowing a viewer to navigate, select, and discover content by time, title, channel, genre, etc,"

This is can do on my Tivo.

ddd3 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/4/2006 8:01:08 PM)

Oh well. EPG is 'Electronic programme guide', which I guess is the same thing. In that case unless you're subscribing to Tivo for the programming information I would expect a Hard Drive machine to access it also, but once again with a DVD recorder it will probably depend upon the machine. Older or cheaper ones may not have the feature, but I should think most of them have. Generally speaking if it's out there the manufacturers will use it.

Last time I looked was over a year ago, at that point the best DVD recorder you could get was the Panasonic DMRE50EBS, by now they may have a similar spec HD model out. If I recall that had EPG, live pause, and all the other strange new features they think we need.[8D]

Debbie2525 -> RE: Have a few questions about DVD Recorders (4/5/2006 11:14:43 AM)

Thanks ddd3 for all the info.


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