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rblake -> Direct CD vs InCD (3/10/2004 3:59:03 PM)

I have been a user of Nero and InCD for, well, forever!
In fact I;ve ONLY used them at home and at work.
Now I have a new PC at work which came with DirectCD.

Is it better than, as good as or worse than InCD - in your opinion?

I'll use it mostly for short-term backups and, most importantly, transferring file between home and work.

Now, the big question, will I be ok using DirectCD at work and InCD at home for file transfer?

Comments most appreciated.


Yes, I have looked around the forum before posting the question but did not get what I'm after! [;)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/10/2004 6:09:17 PM)

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G. M. -> RE: Direct CD vs InCD (3/10/2004 6:37:25 PM)

Never had an issue with Direct CD. Seems to work fine for all the machines I've moved the disks among.

I cannot get InCD (newest) to work on my laptop so I cannot speak for it. Nero 5 and 6 (CD-R) work among the two programs and Easy CD Creator as well.

As far as I have heard, it should not be an issue (i.e. Nero/Direct CD packet-writing) among platforms, although I did get the "Cannot use InCD with Direct CD" warning when trying to install it on the laptop which came with Direct CD as well. If you do try and install it, and you need to remove Direct CD, it will be interesting to see if InCD will run (format).

Personally, I never had an issue with Direct CD and its packet writing. Worked well, but formatting a CD-RW takes forever (45 minutes). But that problem was compensated for in the speed at which I could shuttle and overwrite files like a big floppy disk. I could fill a disk and rearrange it without problems and used far less disposable (i.e. CD-R disks) with large empty portions on them.

Still waiting for Nero support to figure my problems with InCD out....

Matthew -> RE: Direct CD vs InCD (3/10/2004 10:22:47 PM)

Using packet write on CD-RW is playing russian roulette with your data - using two different drives adds an extra bullet.

I've seen drives that really HATE certain CD-RW media - update using one of those, and you can lose what you added, AND what was there before.

rblake -> RE: Direct CD vs InCD (3/11/2004 12:42:13 PM)

minos - when you say "burning the ordinary way" do you mean using a CDRW but burning it like a CDR?

G.M. - it does seem to work - cheers.

Matthew - tee hee, I like the analogy! I take you point. What do you do, burn a CDRW like a CDR?


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/11/2004 5:18:14 PM)

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Matthew -> RE: Direct CD vs InCD (3/12/2004 5:43:22 PM)

Multisession, erase when finished - that's my normal method for using CD-RW as a short-term briefcase, that and tests are about all I'd trust it for.

NB. You'll get more life out of it if you use the whole surface up before erasing, - if you keep doing small burns and erasing every time, the satrt will be degrading whilke the second half is unused.

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