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spearthrower -> INCD 4.1.5 10 Formats Successfully (3/10/2004 7:20:14 AM)

I am VERY pleased to announce that the newest version of INCD,, formats CDRW discs on BOTH my drives successfully. I took several discs that had been set aside as "inferior" (many seem to feel Memorex discs are, but in the past I have used them very well, but recent versions of INCD would not format them), and using the latest version, formatted them easily. I had proper progress graphs, etc, and it works like it used to, for me. Thanks to David Burg, for his efforts to improve the program; and to restore some confidence in the Nero package. I think I speak for literally millions of people, who have problems running almost ALL software, when I say that we care MORE about accuracy and reliabilty, and a LOT less about "speed with error". Thanks to everyone who read the posts, and commented, and helped in any way they could. Could anyone tell me if I should go back over posts made in the past, and delete things like "data fields" etc, to keep them as short as possible without deleting them altogether, or what is the procedure here on these forums? Thanks all!

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G. M. -> RE: INCD 4.1.5 10 Formats Successfully (3/10/2004 3:17:51 PM)

Wish it worked on my Toshiba laptop. [V]

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