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Boycott StarForce Proposal

I will never install such crippling software
  100% (12)
It does not bother me, so long as the game/program is blockbuster
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It does not bother me, why do you rant about this crap?!
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(last vote on : 9/28/2006 8:07:15 AM)
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Clint -> Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/21/2006 4:08:00 PM)

I know it's a bit late (StarForce has been around for ages) - but I urge all readers to seriously think twice (or ten times) before installing a game/software title protected by StarForce.
The reasoning for those who do not know is that it reportedly interferes with the correct functionality of CD/DVD-ROMs (I have also heard reports of the mal-ware modifying user drive firmwares, rendering drives dead/broken), and also, has recently been found to cause various system problems as it installs vicious system-level drivers (that is RING0, such as those low-level drivers the OS uses) to function as intended by StarForce Technologies.

These new discoveries include rebooting of user systems at the very instant the DRM mal-ware 'believes' it has detected copying, causing immediate unsaved data loss and a major disruption/inconvenience to users. Corruption of ATAPI/USB drivers etc. are amoung many of the adverse effects this mal-ware has upon the OS. The driver is constantly running, regardless of wether or not the application containing the protection is running, using valuable CPU/memory resources. If this isn't enough, it also forces various hardware to revert back into PIO mode, resulting in much higher CPU utilization, and making high-speed recording impossible (in the case of CD/DVDRs).
Even their own StarForce tech support has admitted problems, and offer no solution to these such problems. Uninstallation of offending software does not remove this ****, instead it remains - no mentioning of this in the EULA or anything. I believe this to be illegal and morally wrong, and highly recommend that you do not install the offending titles as linked above.
Even the seemingly brilliant PC title Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter due this May by Ubisoft (notorious StarForce implementor) *may* be crippled with this garbage (Rainbow Six: Lockdown was) - so no matter how good, it will not be installed on any of my systems whilst such parasitic mal-ware resides intertwined in such a good game. We can only hope Ubi decides against further usage, else they will be severely globally sales constrained as the majority of informed users are aware of the detremental effects.

See these for further info:

So here's the poll - there are three options, as far as I can see, they are above. [;)]

We value your feedback/comments on this sensative matter, please do not hesitate to express your concerns and feelings below...

MP3Mogul -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/21/2006 4:39:58 PM)

I personally would "NEVER" purchase a game with this TRASH on it!

SithTracy -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/21/2006 6:28:25 PM)

I thought the Sony/BMG rootkit was crossing the line, this leaves the line in the dust.  NO WAY IN HELL and anyone that does knowingly/willingly install something like this is a complete fool, in my opinion.  I can understand ignornance, but if some company alters my Plextor's firmware... I would would seek them out in small claims court.

This should be outlawed.

In my opinion, copy protection in general is nothing more than a challenge to some and someone will defeat it as well.  I doubt you will see a rise in piracy if you remove it.  I hate that honest people are treated like criminals.

Clint -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/21/2006 6:56:56 PM)

Couldn't agree more guys!

@ ST, that is 100% my thoughts completely, aswell - couldn't have said it better myself. It does indeed put to shame even Sony/BMG's root(ed)kits (pun intended), IMO too. Not only are we automatically all "assumed criminals", the advocates (tech support) of the company don't even know what they are doing, and are as baffled as the majority users as to why this 'mal-ware' behaves in the fashion it does. Personally, I am completely fed up with all this DRM s.h.i.t, but know we have yet to see the full extent of it - the worst is yet to come. It doesn't really effect professional hacker/cracker groups/teams, but as usual the end legit user bears the front of it all... [:@] [:'(] [&:] [>:]

Clint -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/23/2006 12:28:30 PM)

Also, would be funny to see StarForce people try to sue me for this thread, as they have tried to do in the past through bullying-scare-tactics... *sigh*

Check this out too, while your at it... [:@] [8|]

It just keeps going, on and on and on!

SithTracy -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/23/2006 8:32:59 PM)

Nothing more than an empty threat.  I highly doubt the want to make a legal matter of it... it would quickly become public knowledge and that would be the worst publicity for them.... Another Sony/BMG Root-kit type issue in the news.  COME ON - I look forward to reading more mainstream news on the subject.

I suspect the Sony root kit issue hurt them... Sure, it was Sony/BMG... but the name SONY was hurt by that press it got.  Now it looks like HD-DVD is getting a little edge on the once popular Blu-Ray.  I gotta believe that bad press had a little to do with it.  Ah, who am I kidding, I'm just not fond of SONY and have been vocal about it in the past.  Too much bad luck as a consumer with that name brand.

Swissy -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/25/2006 4:23:01 PM)

I wont ever buy another sony product because of the rootkit shambles , and i certanly wont buy a game with this crap on it ,,,ever . After all its my computer i should be allowed to install the software i want not what some company tries to install on the QT, its all wrong . The more people who stand up and refuse to buy games with this errrm "copy protection" on it the better for us all .

Antonio -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/27/2006 12:22:25 AM)

I am against of any kind of software protection and limitation.[8|]

I will never pay and install such crippling software.

emperor -> RE: Boycott StarForce Proposal (3/27/2006 3:40:52 AM)

Starforce company claimed that their anti-piracy technology was superb and products using it couldnt be "copied", like SafeDisc... Now i tend to understand why their protection was very good...Your PC is infected with malicious software... Anti-virus companies should include at their list SF products and help users remove their drivers/registry keys/etc... Imagine that the problems at various PCs from SF cause support of various companies (hello, my PC keeps rebooting, ) much money

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