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RobBob -> InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/6/2004 6:55:47 AM)

I've recently re-installed my WinXP Pro WITHOUT SP-1 on a new hard drive. I have a TDK VeloCD 24/10/40B that came with a TDK-specific version of Nero (v4.35, Nero v5.5). I re-installed only Nero and InCD from this CD. Nero worked fine but InCD didn't. I kept getting the highly informative Windows error message: "InCD CD-RW UDF Tools has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." This happened once before back when I first got the drive and I don't remember if or how it got fixed back then.

Per the TDK website I downloaded and applied both the Nero update and the InCD updates (the only ones available from them), testing after each upgrade. TDK says both are XP compatible. Didn't help. I uninstalled InCD and installed just the Nothing. I tried all the available updates on the Nero website. None of them worked. I got the same message every time. I repeated all of the above in Safe Mode. It still wouldn't run, but this time I got a message saying "InCD was not installed properly".

Rob S.

WinXP Pro (non SP-1)
Athlon XP 2800 Barton
VIA KT333 MB (don't remember what 4-in-1 drivers, but v4.42 min)
512 DDR
TDK 24/10/40B VeloCD CD-RW
Toshiba 6402B CD-ROM drive
Radeon 9800
Audigy Gamer

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/6/2004 3:02:42 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

RobBob -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/6/2004 6:38:51 PM)

Thanx minos,

Unfortunately, I have tried all the updates I could find on the Nero website. When I try to install InCD 4.x I get a "To qualify for an InCD upgrade you must have a licensed version of Nero or InCD installed on your computer" message. I've tried it both with my old InCD installed and then again with it uninstalled, with my old 5.5 Nero installed and then again with Nero updated as far as I can go with 5.x. Same message every time.
Apararently my TDK-specific version of Nero isn't considered a "licensed" copy(??). And the 4.x InCD upgrade/update is the only one available on Nero's site. There are archived updates for Nero, but apparently not for InCD.

Maybe InCD requires having Nero 6.x, but the website says I cannot update Nero from version 5.x to 6.x (without paying) - it's considered a version "upgrade" as opposed to an "update".

One thing I've thought of - I have a number of XP Services turned off, but I did restart every service I could think of that I could think of that had even a remote connection to CD/disk/storage functions. Nothing seemed to matter. Is there one I'm missing?


RobBob -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/6/2004 6:55:12 PM)

Brain cramp. I forgot to comment in my last post that I've read a number of references to ASPI in various places. I'm not sure what that is, what it does, or how you go about downloading and/or installing it/them, but from what I gather it's quite a hit or miss proposition. Sounds like some people have created a bigger problem by messing with it, so I've been reluctant to do anything with that. Maybe I'll have to.


RobBob -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/7/2004 8:37:28 PM)

My problem is solved! Many thanks to David Burg who corresponded with me via email to help find the solution.

Apparently the Nero website link to the latest version ( does NOT point to that version but still points to the previous version (, as noted by "G.M" in the thread immediately below this one. David is informing Nero's webmaster of this so they can rectify it.

Until the link it fixed the actual can be gotten from:

When I installed this version everything worked perfect!

My thanx to all,

sp -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/8/2004 3:53:51 PM)

Surfing the net with WinXP without SP1, is just like killing your machine due to deadly viruses!

Jimmys -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/8/2004 4:02:54 PM)

Some beta and homemade versions of the new winxp2 are allready out.
The official version although is expected soon [8D]

G. M. -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/8/2004 6:10:15 PM)

Rob, what exactly was the solution David offered? Maybe it will correct my problems. Thanks.

G. M.

dburg -> RE: InCD 3.x won't run in WinXP (3/11/2004 5:00:12 PM)

The solution was simply to update to the version on the web. Unfortunately G.M. has already attempted this and it did not work for him (on a UJDA720 drive).

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