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T3TRISizer -> Formula One 06 Announced (3/15/2006 7:27:11 PM)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced Formula One 06 for the PlayStation 2 and PSP, the only official game of the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship.

The game features all the official 2006 drivers, cars, teams, circuits and rules and comes packed with cross platform racing capabilities, a new career mode as a chief engineer, tuning options and race aids. 

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Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/18/2006 11:43:17 AM)

Sweet, hope the gameplay + graphics are up to scratch and accurate for the new changes in the FIA 06 season for the PS2... Can't wait to try it! I'm the biggest fan of F1. lol

Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/18/2006 11:45:12 AM)

What a June release date? What's wrong with these people? Well, all we can wish for is that it is worth the wait. [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/19/2006 6:57:07 AM)

To make things clear : I AM THE BIGGEST F1 FAN! No doubt here...[8D][:D][:)]

And secondly...since I dont own PS2 or PSP...I dont really care when they release it...can be even in 2010 if they wish....but if they delivered PC version that would've been completely other story...[&:][;)]

But all in one...I guess it will be worth the wait...and that you'll be able to enjoy in one of the best F1 racing game so good luck Clint...and dont forget to let us know in June, whether it was worth the wait or not....[;)]

And what about us....PC users? Nothing this year? Maybe some NFS : MW 2 comes out....who knows...[:D]

Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/21/2006 12:00:41 PM)

I will.. Hey since you think you are, what is the best F1 game currently on PC? A true fan would know this like the back of his hand!

NFS's are just 'arcade' style games, with the car handling and physics systems very mediocore to say the least, although are probably the best car games on PC at the moment, which indicates a lack of content/competition.
Also, SiliconFreak, what F1 team(s) do you follow/support?

SiliconFreak -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/21/2006 8:41:41 PM)

Hahahahahaha....I said I am F1 fan...REAL F1....not some "gaming" F1 fan....[8D][:D] I played almost all racing games so far....but wasnt pleased with any of them so much that I would put my hand into fire for it....[:)] Lately....maybe FIA GT Racing...Forza Motorsport,Colin series,Toca 3, then that Alfa Romeo something....and had those good old F2000,F2002,F99-02 something...then those GP series...and so on and on....I know there were more some 2 years ago or so...but otherwise...nothing big missed here...but like I said...wasnt too much pleased with any of them....maybe GTR (FIA GT) was good lately...because of great physics and realism...and Toca 3 is so-so....and so on....[:)]

And yes, I know NFS are so-so....but try to plug in some respectable FF wheel....and you'll soon discover that they arent just kidsplay...[8D] support goes to simply the best ones...hahahhaa...FERRARI & MS offcourse mannnnnnnnnnn....and that simply because I follow MS right from the start of his career....and also loved Ferrari even before he joined it....but when he was like a blessing....[8D][:D] The second point is that I am not like majority of people who change lines way to often (so that they are always with the winning team/driver)...because I was with F&MS in bad times....then also in best times...and also today....when they are so-so again....but I never gave up hope that they can make it to the top again....if they cant noone can!¬®Remember that! [:)][:D][;)]

So if you wanna proove that you're bigger fan than me...tell me how many F1 races have you been to and with how many F1 drivers you talked personally in your life? [8D][;)] Also how many caps, T-shirts, Official calendars, flags, jackets, shoes,etc,etc....of your favourite team/driver do you have? [;)]

Ok enough...dont have time to chat...maybe next see ya around...and like I said....inform us about this F06....[;)] (Ohhh...and I also have FF Wheel from my favourite team-best one around ....[8D])

**Dont take anything here's just a chitchat of 2 bigest F1 fans...thats all...PEACE....[8D][:D][:)][;)]**

Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/21/2006 10:10:41 PM)

Yeh maybe next year - you are one strange being...

SiliconFreak -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/22/2006 4:33:51 AM)

Come onnnnnnn...dont be sad now...your Kimi will surely get a point or two on the next race for dont cry....everything will be fine...[8D][:D]

But still you havent provided any proof why you are bigger F1 fan? (and dont count F1 games here, cause I believe you're maybe equal or even slightly bigger F1 Gaming fan....but overall....there are maybe 5 people in the world who supported their favourite teams/drivers for as long as I did and still do!).


Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/23/2006 12:55:49 PM)

No crying from me, I just find your responces very weird indeed, is it just me?
Kimi is a fine driver, he is surely one of the best up and coming, he and Alonso will do very well in '07 for McLaren-Mercedes.

I have also been a long time supporter of M.S. (& Ferrari) since the days Schuey drove for Jordan/Bennetton (you probably didn't even know what an F1 car was back then... [:D]), so I agree with your comments 100% there... You cannot be so sure about the five people comment, it is pure speculation - as I would be one of those five.
But lately, as two new teams emerged (one with an Ozzie driver) I now follow three teams in this order: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 1, Intel BMW Sauber 2 and finally Williams Cosworth 3 (with Renault as 4, as I was a huge supporter when the team was Bennetton-Renault).

If you want the most realistic racing experience on any platform (if you have a decent PC + graphics card) be sure to pick up Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4... Sure, it is getting outdated by now (based on the '01/'02 season I think?) and as you said you require a decent wheel (no keyboard or gamepad can suffice for racing simulations, it simply does not work properly). If you cannot locate it, PM or e-mail me and I will help you out - that is if you are interested! This simulation really is the closest thing we have to actually getting into an F1 car.
This is quite fascinating as there seem to be a only a few people I know who are as interested in F1 as you make out to be! [:)]
Peace to the blu-man with funny glowing eyes! [;)] [8D] [:-]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/24/2006 5:36:36 AM)

Hahaha...peace m8...[:)]

It was just some sort of opinion sharing...nothing dont take everything too seriously...[;)]

Ok...I agree that Kimi and Alonso are great drivers (actually anyone who manages to make it into F1 is), and if Mercedes will provide good car, they will surely be running for Drivers & Constructors Championship titles! But let's wait until then...

Let me tell you that I knew dam* good what F1 is...even before MS joined in a Jordan and later in Benetton-Renault. Because he is my Nr.1 from that time on, no matter what. Before that I was Senna's fan. Who was in some ways even better/more aggressive driver with more enthusiasm than MS, and I just couldnt wait for next race, because I knew that if noone else...Senna will surely make something "spectacular" and appealing! [:)][;)]

Oh..let me also congratulate for making it into top you are nr.2 then...or nr.1...who we need to find last 3 "most dedicated F1 fans"... [8D] It's really nice to find another big F1 fan here...cause its really rare to find one those hands... [;)]

I could talk here for hours about F1 and will really try to make it as short as possible..soooooo...if you thought of Webber...then Yes...he surely is a great driver too...I admire his driving...its just that last year he had better car or what...cause in this year's two races he was barely visible...and I know its not because of him, but because car just doesnt act as it should yet.

And Williams and Renault...well...I dont like Williams too much just because Frank is so tight on the budget and everything...and doesnt like to pay drivers what they deserve..otherwise team is's just that Frank could give more money and act more happily when he is on a tv...because he looks kinda old fashioned/bored guy and doesnt really fit into all F1 Circuss where all is about racing having fun, sexy pit lane babes and stuff... And Flavio...he is another story...he is too confident in everything...well he can be now...but I just want to see his face when he wont have top drivers anymore...and will need to be satisfied with places around guess is that he'll quit at that time for sure.

And about GP4...I had it...but it didnt impressed me more than F1 2002...or F1 99-02...I was great but...lacked even more details (at least in my eyes, cause my top priority always was Graphics and everything else was behind). But for a game of that was OK overall (with great physics and everything - I know I spinned quite a lot when I switched all help off for a first time - and I wasnt playing such racing games for a first time! - it was perhaps too realistic - or my foot to heavy...hahaha)...but I wouldnt install it again now and play it..I rather wait another year for next F1 game to come out... [:)]

But hey...I kinda forgot...was it able to be played thought internet? Because in that case we can maybe play it online - I am (or at least was) looking for someone to play such games with online, but since I couldnt find anyone...I gave up my searches and everything... So if it's possible...let me know and I might find that dusty CD's somewhere... And yes, I do have a decent FF this has been taken care off...I only need some decent F1 game to play now...thats all... [;)] you also said's hard to find people to talk about F1...although I am always open to anything - so everything is not only about MS&Ferrari, but I also like to hear from other F1 matter which team/driver they "belong" to...good conversation/opinion sharing/having fun is what's all about...[:)]

Thats it...damn I like to maybe next time...PM me about GP4 and we'll see what can be done,ok? And also...if we want to continue...we need to open new topic..otherwise we might be accused of spamming...hahahahahaha....hopefully not...

Good luck and have a nice day! Peace 2 U 2...[;)]

Clint -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/26/2006 1:05:33 PM)

Haha - definately agree with the Senna comments, you share my thoughts aswell [;)]
Yes, hand-shake done! Now where's these other 3?

Webber is certainly an "up and coming" to be watched, this is for sure... I think last year he was let down by the poor reliability of the BMW-Williams. And at Malaysia, he qualified in the top 4, so this is to be commended! Only his Cosworth V8 let him down, and he got another DNF due to engine failure... [&:]

Frank Williams should be tight to people like Montoya, IMO his attitude as a person is low-life. Briatore has been in the game for so long, that I agree in the next couple of years we may see his exit from F1 management, especially if his cars/drivers under-perform in the future...

GP4 was graphically killer for its time! Not only was this the case, but it still is the most realistic F1 sim I've ever played, and I've played them all! [:)]  If you have a high-end PC/GPU it breathes new life to this game, as it really does look pretty good graphically with all decals on and set to high... Maybe your PC is too slow for it to be good. I didn't like it so much on my GeForce3 Ti, but when I got a 6800 and installed GP4, it was like a new game (considering it's age).
I too gave up searching for people to play it online with as my mates did not like racing games as much as I did. Yes I believe it is online capable, and when I get my new broadband connection in this coming week or so I would be keen to race you online (but you can't use hacks like NOS or something... [8|]). So dig up that dusty CD! I look forward to this if you are keen.

I think we will be right with regards to spamming, just any further personal discussion could be directed over PM/e-mail instead... [:D]

Talk soon. For now, I'm in bed its rather late now... lol.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Formula One 06 Announced (3/28/2006 5:02:51 AM)

Hahahaha....dont know about other 3...or could it be that we are really the only 2 true F1 fans around here? [8D][:D]

Ok...I wont comment on drivers/team owners anymore...I agree with what you said above! [;)]

And about GP4...believe it or not....I found it and installed it again...just to try it it goes like this (at least in my eyes)....

Graphics - certainly one of the best ones at that time (like I said, somehow F1 2002 was better by my opinion...dont ask me be fair...lets just say they were/are tied...[;)].... And my graphics is good enough to play it on max levels @ "maybe your PC is too slow"...isnt a question here...[:)][;)] It's just that although car details are really great...I somehow dislike everything trees...and pits (which are very poor - nothing action...just your team standing there - or even they arent there - maybe they're on coffee break? Who knows...[8D]). So overall it somehow lacks that true racing spirit and atmosphere...or maybe I am just too spoiled...[:)]

Finally...we can play online....I am ready...although I dont know why the game locks up whenever i try to connect to online server? Maybe they dont support it anymore? I havent tried the second option yet (to host own game), so I hope that works, and we will be able to play afterall...[;)] hacks and cheats please...and also dont think that I am some hardcore pro...cause I play it for fun (and dont really like all that tweaking and everything else that's available...I just run the game and play....not like some "real hardcore" players/racers who tweak every option to max....and who know best settings for each racetrack...[8D][:D] I am just not one of them...[;)]).

Ok...from now on....PM only...or maybe not...cause this is no's talk about racing all this fits perfectly into this thread.....[:)][:D]

Good luck and talk to you soon.

Best wishes.


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