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MephiSkA -> DVD9 (3/13/2006 7:03:19 PM)

Hi! I was just wondering what are dvd9?? [8|] Thanks :)

emperor -> RE: DVD9 (3/14/2006 4:18:45 AM)

DVD9 aka DVD that can hold up to 9.4GB of data

MephiSkA -> RE: DVD9 (3/14/2006 5:28:27 PM)

Hehe thanks ;)   [:D]

Clint -> RE: DVD9 (3/21/2006 7:13:55 PM)

emperor means 8.5GB, doesn't he!?
DVD is 4.7GB (single-sided, single layer), DVD5 is 9.4GB (dual-sided, single layer), DVD9 is 8.5GB (single-sided, dual layer) & DVD10 is 17GB (dual-sided, dual layer).

emperor -> RE: DVD9 (3/27/2006 3:55:53 AM)

Clint, yes you are correct, 8.5GB

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