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tekeen -> Stun gloves? (3/9/2006 3:06:03 AM)

I was sitting around bored and had the idea to integrate a camera flash board into a set of gloves customized to discreetly hold a stun unit.

Then I read up on camera flashs and found out it would not have the same effect as a real stun gun.

So then I did a google search since someone has obviously had the same idea before.

Yet I could not find any place that makes them let alone sells them.

I believe there is a patented set of stun gloves I will have to go check on that.

How cool would it be though to design a pair and hawk it to people like soccer hooligans who are always in street brawls.

Or just for discreet personal defense that would only be used in absolute emergencies.

In anycase I would buy a pair to take with me if I travelled into dangerous areas.

Apparently though someone does not want them sold on the internet.

Probably would not be that hard to develop a working set with a little know how by using a standard stun gun then figuring out how to make them effective in a gloved design.

Oh I did not quite realize this was posted in a no go zone hehe my bad can you move this where someone might have some imput?

SiliconFreak -> RE: Stun gloves? (3/10/2006 4:08:11 AM)

Interesting idea must say...[:)][;)]

Maybe I start making them someday....hahahaa...[:D]

Anyway...I'll leave this message here for doesnt bother me...maybe this area is more about computers&internet security...but not its ok...[:)] Great new ideas are always welcome! [;)]

So when do we start making them? [:)]

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