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kev49 -> LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (2/27/2004 1:39:26 PM)

While looking to buy my first DVD writer last December
and considering the GSA-4040B,I read a review that
said it did not support Mt. Rainier.I asked LG(UK)
customer service if the GSA-4040B would support Mt.
Rainier with a firmware update and they replied "This
drive does support mt rainier",so I bought one.
According to DvdinfoPro and Nero Info Tool it does
After reporting this back to LG,they assure me that
the drive does support mt rainier.
I am confused!
Can anybody advise me who is right?

ant -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (2/29/2004 9:25:58 PM)

I think the drive does not support Mount Rainier. Why don;t you try using InCD under Mount Rainier (if option available) to check it?

kev49 -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (3/2/2004 4:09:13 PM)

Have tried the LG4040B with InCD 4 and the "Format
disc MRW" is not available,just "Format disc".The "MRW
Format on all MRW-capable drives" box in the options
section is ticked.Either the drive does not support
MRW,or it does and InCD is not seeing it properly.Are
there any other programs that use Mt. Rainier I could
test with?

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/2/2004 10:20:15 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

dburg -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (3/3/2004 7:03:47 PM)

Sorry, but this device is not MRW-capable.

It does not support the MRW feature (28h) neither the MRW mode page (03h), which are mandatory parts of Mount Rainier implementation. (You can check it in public MMC-4 draft available at www.t10.org careful that this is a very technical document).

The information that this device supports MRW is wrong, at least with current latest official firmware revision available for this device (A302).

kev49 -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (3/3/2004 11:03:19 PM)

Thank you dburg for the detailed reply.Would you
object if I send a copy back to LG Customer Services?
I would like to hear their response.
Does this mean it could be made MRW-capable by
firmware only?

dburg -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (3/6/2004 2:25:06 PM)

I have no problem that you forward my comment to LG people or even invite them here to join the discussion.

I am not a device manufacturer, but if we ignore the flashable ROM size of the recorder and the firmware developement time (which are not negligible issues), I suppose any CD-RW/DVD+RW device could be made MRW. As said, I am not a device manufacturer. ;)

FriedlNet -> RE: LG GSA-4040B and Mt. Rainier (3/14/2004 1:48:47 PM)


if there are news about this topic? I have the same drive and the same problem. Thanks for new infos

Regards FriedlNet

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