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stan237 -> LG GSA 4167 (3/4/2006 8:11:05 AM)

My problem I am unable to record a cd to play on my system but will play on my computer I have not
changed any settings just decided not to record in the wave format
I have tried with Nero and windowes media player,my liteon cd recorder has no problem with media player
or Nero and plays on my system.
I have had the LG about two weeks now so I am thinking of returning the item to the dealers


Antonio -> RE: LG GSA 4167 (3/5/2006 4:21:31 AM)

Which Nero you have? Which way you are using to burn a CD and what CD is it, Audio, Data?

stan237 -> RE: LG GSA 4167 (3/6/2006 10:13:16 AM)

Thanks for your reply I have Nero 6.3 reloaded the cd I was trying to make wasa off a MP3 file
I have a cd writer as well as the dvd writer this works okay with Nero and Media player,
I have changed the dvd writer this morning but stll does the same thing, its maybe me perhaps
I have changed the setting by accident.

Stan 237
awaiting your reply

Antonio -> RE: LG GSA 4167 (3/7/2006 2:01:15 AM)

You can also try update your Nero to

So you want to burn MP3 files onto a CD which you'd like to play where?

For MP3 you'll have to burn the project as CD-ROM but this way the CD will be playable only in PC or players that support MP3.
If you have a player that cannot reproduce MP3 files then you'll have to burn the MP3 as AudioCD where they will be encoded in cda format. This way the files will occupy more spce onto the CD. 

stan237 -> RE: LG GSA 4167 (3/7/2006 5:11:09 AM)

Hi Toaster,
I am still having problems but I feel that it is more to do with my HiFi, the CD rom recorded on my Liteon (nero)
writer plays fine in my system but the one recorded on the LG  dvd writer will not play it shows how many tracks
but thats all.
I have put it in my cd player in the car no problems it must be that my HiFi does not like the format that its written

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