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cloque00 -> PS2 HDD in PC (help) (3/2/2006 5:03:22 PM)

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I ran a search on Google for info about the PS2 HDD and I came across this site. If I may say you all appear to have a wealth of knowledge in regards to the subject, so instead of rummaging through countless other search results, I am posting my question here.

I consider myself computer "literate", if you will.. It's pretty simple really, read the instructions, install hardware into the labeled slot, badda bing badda boom. But I've never installed a slave drive. Thus I don't know the process of going about it. I've tried figuring it out, I know about the pins on the back of the hard drive where you can move the switch to configure if it's a slave or a master, but anymore than that I'm clueless to.

So, if someone would, please list me step by step instructions on installing the PS2 HDD into my computer.

Some information for you:
Yes I have a free slot for the HDD,
My computer is running Windows ME (cursed program, i would burn this computer if I had the money for a new one)
Also, it has 1 HDD as a slave in it already. The one that came with it was like 8 gigs, and my Dad installed a 20 gig as a slave. So, this will be the 2nd slave drive. That's not a problem is it??

emperor -> RE: PS2 HDD in PC (help) (3/9/2006 5:02:43 AM)

things are simple: at the back of your HDD, there are jumpers, one of them sets the drive status, master/slave/cable select. Just place master at your existing HDD and slave the PS2 HDD. At booting you will see if the disks are recognized or not.

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