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dburg -> InCD is available (2/17/2004 9:53:39 PM)

As CDR-Info webmaster already noticed, a new InCD version has been made available today, the

The release notes should be available within the week. We are currently updating them with the latest fixes done last week.

The bug fixes signaled in this forum in different thread are all included in this version. (If you are victim of one of those, and if the update does not help, please let me know.) Mostly, format issues have been fixed, but also crashes reported by Microsoft thanks to the Windows Error Report program.

Edit: after reading the forum posts, XP multi-users bug fix is included, progress bar drawing fix is included, disc-access issue due to error logging activity is fixed too (a tool to choose the error logging level should be made available soon on the website). Anyway, entire release notes will be published on this week.

Sp, maybe we should make this sticky for some time?

sp_admin -> RE: InCD is available (2/18/2004 9:59:11 PM)

As requested by DBurg, I made it sticky.
(I hope I will remember to un-stick it some day...:)

dburg -> RE: InCD is available (3/6/2004 2:47:08 PM)

Well, InCD version has been uploaded yesterday [:)], adding a few additional bug fixes. The exact changelog should be provided during next week.

G. M. -> RE: InCD is available (3/6/2004 6:59:50 PM)

The Nero link to the new InCD version (i.e. Package 3) mentioned in David's post is incorrect as of 03-06-04. I did get the newest version at this link: (I hope that's it)

Fwiw, I did some twadling changing the 7 to a 10 and got the newest version so my guess is their webmaster hasn't corrected the version link...yet.

...but their newest version still doesn't work for me....[:(] (per my post below).

dburg -> RE: InCD is available (3/7/2004 4:39:10 PM)

The link was not updated yesterday, sorry. But now it is corrected.

dburg -> RE: InCD is available (3/8/2004 2:34:33 PM)

Btw, here are the preliminary draft of release notes that should be published soon on

Bug Fixes

DVD-RW format with verification is now always a full format
InCD could not be installed with Nero 5.5. Fixed
InCD was having problems with hot-plugged removed devices (Windows 2000 / XP)
One rare data corruption issue fixed
In Windows 9x, the FAT filesystem allows a read-only directory to be deleted. InCD 4 now has the same behaviour (Windows 9x only)
Updated Asian translations
More workarounds for old drives (mostly resolves issues with formatting)

harper -> RE: InCD is available (3/17/2004 2:54:59 PM)


I downloaded and installed the version and it does indeed fix the disc access problem in 98SE. All other functions seem to be intact. Thanks for addressing these problems so quickly.


dburg -> RE: InCD is available (4/16/2004 2:03:37 PM)

New version is online since this afternoon German-time. I think this post should be no more sticky and a new post about release could be made.

Release notes will be published most likely during next week.

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