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ModFreak -> Load home-brew applications on an unmodified PS2 (exploit) (2/13/2006 4:42:32 AM)

After many requests….I finally managed to complete and release a guide on how to install the "exploit" on an unmodded PS2!!!
But first things first, what is the exploit?
Well, the exploit allows anyone with a memory card and an original PSX disc to hi-jack the boot process and run any piece of code (.elf) on a PS2. No modchips are required to run programs when using the exploit.

What you’ll need:

1) The old PS2 version (not the Slim one..)
2) One PS2 Memory card
3) A Network Adapter for the PS2
4) The original HDLoader or the original Swap Magic 3
5) An original PSX(PS1) game
6) A Network card for the PC
7) A crossover cable to connect the PC with the PS2
8) AND a PC….. :-)

Software for the PC

Software for the PS2
exploit.rar   (Click on the attachment to download it....)

ModFreak -> RE: Load home-brew applications on an unmodified PS2 (exploit) (2/13/2006 4:47:50 AM)

Before we begin, you need to know that all the files that you are going to transfer onto the PS2 Memory Card, must be in capitals ( e.g. TITLE.DB ).
Part1: Connect the PS2 with the PC via FTP
First off all, connect the PS2 to the PC using the crossover cable and then run execftp69 on the PS2. You can run it either with HDLoader or with SwapMagic. If you are going to use HDLoader, then just use WinHIIP to transfer the .ISO image, or burn it into a CD and run it with Swap Magic 3.

When you run execftp on the PS2, you should see something like this:


Now, on the PC, go to: Start -> My Network Places -> View network connections, right click on Local Area Connection -> Properties and click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) (do not uncheck it…) then click on properties. Select “Use the following IP”. If you already have an ip address, subnet mask and default gateway, write these down somewhere and re-install them once this procedure is over. Now type:

IP address :
Subnet mask:
Leave the other settings as they are.


Now run the flashxp program, press F8 from your keyboard to reveal the “quick connect” menu. Go to “Toggle” and uncheck the “use passive mode”. Now go to “General” and in “Server or Url” write, then click on OK



and hopefully the connection with the PS2 should be established!!!

ModFreak -> RE: Load home-brew applications on an unmodified PS2 (exploit) (2/13/2006 4:52:41 AM)

Part2: Creating the exploit
In flashxp, press Ctrl+R and type &lsit to show the hdd, mc and pfs folders. " mc" is the Memory Card and it is in that folder you have to transfer the exploit.


But first we have to create the exploit. Extract the files from exploit.rar in the directory C:\EXPLOIT, then insert your original PSX game in your PC CD/DVD drive and find the ID of the game. The game that I used had the following ID: SLES_020.34. An ID could also begin with any of SCED, SCUS or SCES.


Now go to Start->Run… type cmd and a DOS window will pop-up. Type the following: c: press Enter, cd c:\exploit press Enter, then titleman.exe –a SLES_020.34 (use your ID in place of SLES_020.34 here). This command has added the ID in the TITLE.DB file.


ModFreak -> RE: Load home-brew applications on an unmodified PS2 (exploit) (2/13/2006 5:02:57 AM)

Since the ID is in the exploit, it is time now to transfer it into the PS2 memory. Go to the folder mc/0/BEDATA-SYSTEM in flashfxp and upload all the files that are in the c:\exploit folder. Ok... now you are ready!!!!



Restart the PS2 and use your original PSX game to boot. If it all went well, a white screen will appear and then the ps2menu-k 48bit.elf will start. The ps2menu-k 48bit.elf which I have renamed to BOOT.ELF. I renamed it in order to have the exploit load it, but you can always use other .elf codes to load. I prefer the ps2menu, because this program is something like an Operating System and it can run .elf codes.

The ps2menu is very simple, you just need to press R1 and select the folder you want to go. I have uploaded other applications (.elf) in my memory, under BEDATA-SYSTEM and I run them from there. So you can now run home-brew applications such as emulators, HDLoaders, etc, in .elf code… and many more…

Sites with .elf applications:


emperor -> RE: Load home-brew applications on an unmodified PS2 (exploit) (2/20/2006 4:41:28 AM)

Thanks for your detailed report!

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