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Lord_Robin -> Error writing to disk (2/10/2004 5:59:43 PM)

Hello everyone,

I apologise if this problem has been addressed elsewhere. I have looked through the forums to see if any solutions apply to me, but it does not seem to.

I am getting this familiar messge whilst trying to format my CDRW.
"Error writing the disk in D:\ please confirm that the disk is compatible with the drive and is not scratched and damaged".

Now I had a previous version of Incd, the one where you could never get the cd out of the drive, however had no problems with formating.

I was using and had no problems to start with. Then for some reason unknown to me I have had this error writing problem.

So I have done the right thing and upgraded to
But I still have the same problem. Incidently I can still burn CD-R's using Nero, but cannot format CDRW's.
I have been using Imation media.

I can provide the infotool.txt.
On another matter. I have been given a Panasonic DVD-RAM media with recorded film on it. How can I read this cd in my CR/DVD drive?


dburg -> RE: Error writing to disk (2/17/2004 10:54:38 PM)

InCD formatting issue: probably the best is that you get a try with the new version If it still doesn't work, send me by e-mail the infotool.txt file, and the log files of incd (check the html FAQ of InCD in its installation folder for name a position of these log files depending of your operating system).

DVD-RAM topic: To read a DVD-RAM you require a DVD-RAM read capable device. Run InfoTool to check the read capability of your DVD device.

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