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Ex-CON -> XBOX Game Copy (2/9/2004 3:16:21 PM)

Does any1 know how to make a copy of an XBOX game. You cant just copy the cd like you would with PS2 games. Your dvd drive will only see/read vob files that are the movies. You have to connect your xbox to the PC and transfer the game like that. Like for Ex. Load the apps in your xbox and ftp the files to the pc using a link(Xlink? not really too sure) Then youll have the files needed. Then Just burn the files onto a cdr/dvdr. But, my original question is, how do you actually go on connecting the xbox to your pc and what do you have to exactly do to transfer the files from XBOX to PC? Any1 out there with a guide?

Leviathan -> RE: XBOX Game Copy (3/10/2004 11:27:01 AM)

You can find all the information needed for backing up Xbox games at
Good backing up![:D]

AvidGamer -> RE: XBOX Game Copy (2/10/2006 1:39:22 AM)

For game copy software i would suggest

It has an easier layout to understand and it compares the top software against each other.  There is a feature list and be sure to find the right software that will be able to make game backups for your console. They do support different game consoles, but all the information you need is right there.  Also, be aware that game copy pro is not software but a guide if you happend to come across it.

If you need help just pm me or post a reply.

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