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synbad -> ps2 hdd software (2/5/2006 6:48:55 PM)

hi, i just wanted to know if there were many, if any ps2 hard drive programs.
I am well aware of Hd Loader and Usb Extreme. unfortunatley hd loader and usb extreme wont play dvd movies from a ps2 hdd... are there any programs that will do that?

ModFreak -> RE: ps2 hdd software (2/6/2006 2:31:14 AM)

Currently there aren’t any programs that could play DVD movies from the PS2 HDD. The only media player I know is the PS2 Reality Media Player, which is able to play DivX and Mp3 files, but they have to be on a CD/DVD.

synbad -> RE: ps2 hdd software (2/6/2006 5:25:38 AM)

thanks for the info man.
too bad there isnt, would be a good thing... illegal in a way, but good nontheless

genessy -> RE: ps2 hdd software (2/28/2006 12:27:25 PM)

hello im a newbie here, hey maybe there someone out there who can send me a copy software of hd loader/advance. Still quite confused how this thing works. Maybe you can send it to my email Well, thanks in advance.

hidaki9 -> RE: ps2 hdd software (3/3/2006 5:34:21 PM)

i got harddrive advance ppl said is a good 1 but i dont like id so i even never use it because i got a pstwo v12 so i cant use any hhd format with my dms4 pro chip any ways if u r interested send me a mail

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