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Aarbyy -> Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/5/2006 3:54:47 AM)

Wow, this is weird. My cursor is appearing and disappearing. It does make things difficult.

Anywho, I bought Nero 6 Ultra, online, in June of 2005. All was fine until I lost the serial numbers that I wrote down prior to upgrading (effectively replacing) my pc. After begging Nero for a month for the second serial number to unlock my prog (faxed them my VISA statement), I finally got it.

I just now thought I'd try something new with my Nero. I could have sworn I saw the option to cross fade with it before. Maybe I saw it somewhere but not in my program. I don't know. A quick look around shows me that I need something called SoundTrax. I don't know how I missed that feature in my program. Of course, It doesn't help that you've got to download Nero in a thousand pieces. What has me confused right now is that as I examine the Nero Portal site, it shows Nero 6 Ultra version 6.6.14 as being current, while my update button does not. I assume 6.6.14 is more current than

I downloaded the 5 update bundles, including the one that includes the SoundTrax program. Am I on the right track?, pardon the pun. I did notice, as I read around in these forums a bit, that others have said that the cross fading I want to try can be done with Nero's wave editor. This is all very confusing.

Thanks in advance.

Aarbyy -> RE: Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/5/2006 4:37:29 AM)

Well, I found my SoundTrax in my suite. I haven't yet upgraded with the downloads. There's a list of programs alongside the list of serial numbers, in Nero StartSmart, that for some (perhaps good) reason is very incomplete. In any case, Out of sight means out of mind. But it didn't take me long looking around to find SoundTrax. I then popped onto the Nero Portal site to download the SoundTrax manual. I'll play around with the program. Judging from the instructions in the guide, I will probably eventually figure out how to cross fade my audio files. But it's really all in a language (English but jargon) I just don't understand.

So I guess I jumped the gun. Sorry folks. But it was fun to come here and watch the flashing hour glass and disappearing cursor! That's unique. Hmmm. I recall the underlined words from previous visits - possibly as Arby, since I couldn't use that nickname just now when I signed up. The things we must do to survive.  :-(


Antonio -> RE: Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/5/2006 6:45:11 AM)

The most recent is the which you can download from
disappearing cursor??? Do you have a microsoft optical mouse?

Aarbyy -> RE: Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/5/2006 3:06:51 PM)

Thanks Antonio. As I noted, That's the version I have. So I guess I'm okay. I guess I'm also bad at math, since looked older than 6.6.14 to me.

I am using a logitech optical w cord mouse.

Antonio -> RE: Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/6/2006 1:36:20 AM)

I think there is something with Nero's count. You are correct the 6.6.14 looks more recent than the but it is not, actually it shoyld be[;)]

Aarbyy -> RE: Somehow Missed SoundTrax (2/6/2006 2:19:44 AM)

I'm not surprised. ;-)

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