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jazza 15 -> thanx guys (1/27/2004 1:57:17 AM)

hey does anyone know how to burn ps2 games using cdrwin version 5?

some guy told people how to do it with version 3 or something in 2002.

but does anyone know how to do it with version 5 [?]

if so please reply thanx

sp -> RE: thanx guys (1/27/2004 7:44:13 PM)

It's not worth using this program, because it's full of maliciousware.

Try using some demo version from Nero, instead. Or if you intend to you might try FireBurner.

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 2:35:33 AM)

howbout i use version 3 of cdrwin

i have the instructions on how to use it

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 2:36:58 AM)

if not can u sugest a easy to use good one?

Laffin Assassin -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 4:06:27 AM)

SP has already recommended 2 very good and easy to use programs and all you have to do is try them !!! [:)]

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 4:31:27 AM)

Do u know how to burn dvd rom ps2 games with nero

i have version 5

MP3Mogul -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 5:08:27 AM)

I would suggest going to the Playstation area of the board and do a bit of reading, as it's been covered over and over already, it will only take you a bit of reading to find what you are seeking.

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 5:11:44 AM)

can u point me in a particular direction

MP3Mogul -> RE: thanx guys (1/28/2004 1:51:46 PM)

I suggest getting a copy of Alcohol 120%, then simply use the GUI (Graphic User Interface) with alcohol, there is a selection for burning PS2 games, you will also need a mod chip to utilize the burned backups.

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/29/2004 7:55:23 AM)

so it doesnt matter what version of alcohol 120% i get
and does it burn dvd rom games onto cd-r?
plz reply thanx

MP3Mogul -> RE: thanx guys (1/29/2004 1:05:53 PM)

I would suggest you purchase the "latest" copy of Alcohol

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/29/2004 9:08:59 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/30/2004 7:44:10 AM)

thank you all very much for ur help il tell ya if it works

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/30/2004 9:28:34 AM)

i have a problem
after i got the image file onto my computer and was in image burning wizard, i pressed continue and i couldn't press start or select my favourite cd/dvd burning all i could select was the write box and the simulation box. i couldn't press start.
can someone pleeeeesssee help me!!!!!!!

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/30/2004 11:22:48 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

jazza 15 -> RE: thanx guys (1/31/2004 6:46:19 AM)

i cant select the recorder thats my problem, i cant click on it

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