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clive1 -> cdr win & diskjuggler (1/19/2006 12:07:39 PM)

can any one help me by telling me how to use either these programs
thanks clive1

SithTracy -> RE: cdr win & diskjuggler (1/19/2006 2:03:47 PM)

I don't use Padus DJ anymore, but do still use CDRWIN... What do you need to know?  I saw in an earlier post you were looking to copy CD+G discs...  Perhaps if you decribe what you are doing me or someone else can help.  There is a checkbox in CDRWIN for CD+G....

emperor -> RE: cdr win & diskjuggler (1/20/2006 5:39:43 AM)

What you need to know about CDRWin and DIscJuggler? I believe both software have some kind of wizards

MerryHeart -> RE: cdr win & diskjuggler (1/21/2006 1:39:28 PM)

No, that other post wasn't me. This was my very first post.
What I am attempting to do is to save my computer files onto a DVD+RW disk. It is not working.

Clint -> RE: cdr win & diskjuggler (2/12/2006 4:20:02 AM)

DiscJuggler can do that, however I would say grab a copy of Nero or Easy CD Creator for ease of use for the inexperienced.

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