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aarhelger -> InCD4 with NEC ND-1100A (1/20/2004 7:08:40 PM)

I just downloaded paid for and installed InCD. I have Windows XP and a NEC ND-1100A. InCD doesn't work. It is like the drive is not recognized. I can use Nero to format the disk but when I try to drag and drop files to it Windows says it is a read only device. (I.E. doesn't recognize the packet writing is enabled.) I had DirectCD installed and working but uninstalled it before I put on InCD 4.1. Don't know what is wrong. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a number of times but it didn't help. Since I need packet writing I uninstalled InCD4 and put DirectCD back on. It was able to recognize the disk and packet writing works. I paid $70 for Nero and InCD. I am pretty disappointed at what I have seen so far.

Andy Arhelger

daf52 -> RE: InCD4 with NEC ND-1100A (1/23/2004 1:07:03 PM)

have u the latest firmware in your drive?????
wats y Os???

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/24/2004 1:09:10 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

ant -> RE: InCD4 with NEC ND-1100A (1/24/2004 3:09:56 PM)

In any case, try keeping both drive firmware and software version updated to have less problems.

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