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sam7 -> ClonyXXL garbled CDRom info (1/16/2004 8:21:06 PM)

Hi all,

ClonyXXL (v2015) used to work fine (WinXP SP1), but now when I start it up, it detects my drives, but gives my CDROM and CDRW drives as garbled letters. It does this every time I start ClonyXXL, so I can't get it to actually start up. Any idea why it does this?

I have ForceASPI 1.8 installed (reinstalled) and the aspicheck says its all fine. I deleted the Clony INI files in C:\Windows, but that does not help.


MP3Mogul -> RE: ClonyXXL garbled CDRom info (1/17/2004 1:52:03 AM)

Force ASPI 1.8?

I suggest you download ASPI 4.6, Laffin has been kind enough to create an install file below.... please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and follow them exactally as indicated in the .txt file.... Then I think your problem will be resolved!

sam7 -> RE: ClonyXXL garbled CDRom info (1/17/2004 12:12:52 PM)

Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated.

A quote from the ForceASPI page (

"ForceASPI ignores the system requirements which are imposed by Adaptec's own installer and allows you to install Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 on your PC regardless of your hardware or software configuration."

So I have ASPI 4.71.2 installed, but I will try v4.6 as you suggested. Hope is solves my problem :)


MP3Mogul -> RE: ClonyXXL garbled CDRom info (1/17/2004 10:44:35 PM)

Yes, 4.71 is very unstable.

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