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jackojackson -> Help Please.. following message keeps appearing... (1/16/2004 12:56:43 AM)

Hi there

I have been using a rewritable cd on and off over the last month (storing photos etc). Up until yesterday, no problem. I would save photos, eject the disk, reload it and carry on...

Today I have received the following message as I try to load the disk:

Dear Customer,

You are currently trying to read a disc in the Mt. Rainier format (CD-MRW).
You are seeing this message, instead of the contents of the disc, because
your system currently does not support the CD-MRW format.
To enable you to add CD-MRW support to your system we have developed a
complimentary software tool, the InCD EasyWrite Reader.

To download the latest InCD EasyWrite Reader just visit our website at

You can also install the InCD EasyWrite Reader provided on this disc by
clicking here.

Your Ahead Software Team

Could someone explain why this has suddenly come about, is this disk usable again, and more importantly is there away of retreiving the files on the cd?

Hope you can help
[url=""]Please email solutions to me, I would be grateful. Thanks[/url]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Help Please.. following message keeps appearing... (1/16/2004 1:13:15 AM)

Yes, it's readable, you simply need to visit the link they gave you to Nero's website, and download the reader! You will see after you install it that it works just fine.

dburg -> RE: Help Please.. following message keeps appearing... (1/18/2004 5:22:41 PM)

Hum, I think the recorder is Mt Rainier and has been creating Mt Rainier disc so far, but eventually failed to read them back (but why??).

Jackojackson can you provide me by e-mail ( ) nero infotool.txt file (run nero infotool and save the resulting information) and the incdsrv.log file (you can find it in C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD )?


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