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intent -> Burn to DVD (1/4/2006 1:10:32 AM)

Hello All,

I have read over some of the posts because I know how irritating it is to answer a question on a forum over and over again.  I haven't found all the answers I am needing though.

I am wanting to capture video from my VCR to my PC.  That is no problem I have the card setup and it works fine but I am wondering is there a program that you would suggest right now I have Adobe Premier Pro, Power Director 4.0 , EditStudio, and MyDVD (which I didn't care for because it took over to many programs on my PC and that drives me nuts I like to have control over my pc not the other way around.)

Also what would be the best format to save as? For best quality and how do I compress it so that it fits on one DVD Disc?  I know from burning some home videos that 1 hour was like 3.5 gig (I can't remember what it was saved as)

After I finished with the Home video I just used Nero 7 and  Nero 4.0 to burn to DVD is that the best plan or is there something better?

I had read that if I wanted to back up my Purchased VCR Tapes's (because Dvd's last lots longer then VHS)  I needed to buy the "Lil Black Box....is that still the best or is there something better out now?

Thank you in advance the wealth of information you all provide is so valuable!

Antonio -> RE: Burn to DVD (1/4/2006 4:42:59 AM)

"...what would be the best format to save as..."
It depends on what you want to do with it, do you want to be playable on standalone non PC DVD players? If yes then the best is the DVD-Video format.
Can you also try TMPGenc Source Creator?

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