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Zebadee -> AnyDVD (1/1/2006 8:10:16 AM)

Hi [:)]
Within hours, new update My those folks @ slysoft have been busy., 2006 01 01

- Happy new year from SlySoft!
- Important: When installing this version over an existing
installation, you must reboot your machine. Otherwise the changes
made in the AnyDVD device driver will not have any effect!
- New: Improved the function remove unreferenced VOBUs. This fixes
problems with some titles, e.g. "Unstoppable" R2 (German).
- New: Error zones on RipGuard/Arccos/PuppetLock protected titles are
now replaced with "valid material". 3rd party tools like DVDDecrypter
will now work better (no more "Pack Header Error" messages).
- New: Better support of elby CloneDVD2 when copying Arccos or
RipGuard protected titles without Menus:
Eliminates "hang" on standalone DVD Player and Audio "out of sync"

The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
Just install the new version on top of your current version,
regardless which version you have installed:

Is there any change between this &
Yes. had an additional language file (Portuguese brazil) which was not mentioned in the changelog. But this file was corrupted, so it was removed from

SlySoft products "

SiliconFreak -> RE: AnyDVD (1/1/2006 5:23:08 PM)

Thanks! [;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: AnyDVD (1/1/2006 9:13:40 PM)

Thanks, downloaded, and installed!

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