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sampah2000 -> Read Error On Multisession DVD+R (12/28/2005 6:18:33 AM)

Hello everyone,

    I've problem with my ASUS E616P2 DVD-ROM. My DVD-ROM cannot some file on my DVD+R which had burn in 3 session. The strange, when I try the disc on my office, with the same DVD-ROM, no problem occured. I also trying on LiteOn DVDRW, and It seem allright. Is my DVD-ROM broken?
Do I need ASPI for accessing DVD Multisession?

Note :
My Firmware is 1.08, also downgrade to 1.07, error still occured. The office's DVDRom firmware is 1.03.
The Disc has been verified just when finished burn, and that's ok at the time.


Antonio -> RE: Read Error On Multisession DVD+R (12/28/2005 10:49:48 AM)

I don't think its ASPI but it is good to have them installed. Get 4.60 version.

Your problem is strange, did you have any other problems with the drive which cannot read the disc?

sampah2000 -> RE: Read Error On Multisession DVD+R (12/29/2005 7:59:50 AM)

I haven't any problem yet. I have try another multisession disc (not yet finalized), and it seem alright. I forgot to said that the problem disc has been finalized.

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