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Satyrin -> A small problem with a gigabeat (12/26/2005 8:10:26 PM)

Hi all,

I've received a F10 gigabeat as a gift and I have problems installing the driver associated with the device.
My PC detects it and prompts the install wizard. I pick the driver found on the gigabeat CD and it gives me an error message saying that it couldn't find the appropriate section in the .inf file. I don't know that much about computers so it could be something very simple.
Anyone has a clue ?

Thanks !


rUiSu -> RE: A small problem with a gigabeat (1/14/2006 8:04:59 PM)

hmm, wich WIndows version are you using, if its WindowsXP, thenyou dont need any drivers so you are inputing something else, if a lower version....-- o...k... i just remembered, did your 10gig gigabeat came with a drivers cd?????????[&:] cuz mine didn't came with one :P

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