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stinkyalfrisco -> Burning CD-G's (Karaoke Discs) (1/8/2004 1:54:52 AM)

I was wondering if anyone one knew the easiest way to burn CD-G's Karaoke Discs. Which burner would read and write CD-G format. Also what software would be the best to use.[:)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Burning CD-G's (Karaoke Discs) (1/8/2004 2:17:13 AM)

I know the yamaha crw-f1 will read CDG discs, and you can use CloneCD to copy them, as far as any other writer, you will have to look at the specs on the writer, and see if it can BOTH read and write the CDG format, if it can, then it will work....

sp -> RE: Burning CD-G's (Karaoke Discs) (1/8/2004 10:23:18 AM)

There is also specilized software for doing the editing. I do not recall it's name right now, but you can find it by doing a search on our forum for cd+g.

sp -> RE: Burning CD-G's (Karaoke Discs) (1/8/2004 7:29:27 PM)

I just made the search.
For editing CD+G discs you can use the relevant DartPro program.

Please go to the "Audio CD" category of the "Software" section for more details.


look for DartPro Karaoke

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