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stonednloded -> Swap Magic Plus v3.6 (12/19/2005 4:49:38 PM)

Is this Swap Magic Plus v3.6 CD/DVD better for me to buy then the DMS4 E.Z.I. Pro ModChip? I want to be able to download games burn the files to cd and play the game. Whichever is the best for this plez let me kno....I know that the Swap Magic is more affordable.

ModFreak -> RE: Swap Magic Plus v3.6 (12/20/2005 2:43:48 AM)

stonednloded said :
I downlaoded Need For Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition from www.torrentspy.com and I used bit lord to download it. I burned the files to a dvd but they wont play in my ps2. I have the re designed ps2. I do not have a mod chip. I can play downlaoded movies in my ps2 using a avi to dvd converter program. Is there a program that I can use to convert the files I downlaoded so they will play on my ps2?....If anyone knows how to get this working Pleas elet me know...all replies are greatly appreciated! 
About the Swap Magic I can’t help you, maybe someone who has the software could help. But as you said on your previous post is that you have the Slim PS2. So you can’t install the DMS 4 E.Z.I  Pro.

DMS 4 E.Z.I  Pro is solderless and it can be installed only on old PS2 versions.
DMS 4 Pro (soldering version) is more suitable to buy if you want to install a HDD.

    For more info on DMS4 E.Z.I Pro click here.

    If you interested to install a modchip on your PS2 Slim you can buy the DMS 4 Lite or the Matrix Infinity. Apart from the Modchip the PS2 Slim also requires a Laser fix chip.

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