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McGrupp2000 -> InCD uses 85% of CPU at idle? (1/4/2004 6:11:05 AM)

I just recently upgraded to Nero 6 and the InCD latest version. At first all was fine. liked the idea that it wouldn't start until I inserted a disc. But after my first burn, my cpu was at 85% in use at idle. My diode temps went way up with nothing going on. I tried to end InCD in the task manager but it wouldn't stop. After Several reboots it stayed the same. Only after removing InCd did cpu usage go back to normal at idle. So what gives?

I'm using Win2K pro, latest updates, Lite-On 411s and Samsung SW332b and the InCDinstall .exe was 4100.

dburg -> RE: InCD uses 85% of CPU at idle? (1/18/2004 5:08:06 PM)

Right now I am using a w2k sp4 with InCD 4.1 install to access this forum, and my CPU charge at idle is between 0% and 1%. 85% charge is really abnormal and unexpected.

If you re-install InCD, when you have the problem of high cpu charge, can you go in a dos shell (start|execute|type cmd in the box and return key), and execute the command line:

net stop incdsrv

(the service should stop with success). Does then the cpu charge drop?

McGrupp2000 -> RE: InCD uses 85% of CPU at idle? (1/18/2004 6:41:20 PM)

Yes, as soon as I stop the service it drops back to normal. I've gone through my hd and hunted down all the Adeptec files I could find and either deleted or renamed them. I used to have Prassi on this and found a few of those files and deleted those but I don't think I got them all because I'm still having the same problem.

dburg -> RE: InCD uses 85% of CPU at idle? (1/19/2004 11:32:39 PM)

Ok, so clearly it's realated to InCD activity.

Can you send me an infotool.txt file (you get it by clicking on the floppy disc icon of nero infotool from the nero toolkit) so I can ask our QA to reproduce the same (or nearly the same) configuration as yours?

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