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brsk -> CD Text problems- titles don't show (12/16/2005 7:28:12 AM)

Maybe not the correct forum but when I enter album title, track title and artist name on my own music and burn Audio CD using Nero, adding the details in CD Text windows, it never shows anything other than 'Unknown Artist' and '01Track1' in Windows Mwdia Player.when I insert the Cd in the PC. I have tried with WAV files and MP3 files. Same result.

Can it be done? The Nero documentation does not hint at any problems.

SithTracy -> RE: CD Text problems- titles don't show (12/16/2005 7:42:42 AM)

I'm pretty sure WMP does not read CD TEXT, It downloads album information from Gracenote or  You might want to look around the net for a PC based CD-TEXT player.  I know Plextor has one, but the kicker is it only works if you have a Plextor drive (I do).

brsk -> RE: CD Text problems- titles don't show (12/16/2005 8:28:30 AM)

Thanks. I have the impression that shop bought audio CDs often show the details even when I am not on line so the details must be on the CD itself.
I could find a way around the problem for my own use (I prefer 1by1 directory player) but when I give the CDs to friends who are not so computer literate, they just want to insert the CD and play with whatever is on their PC, usually WMP.

MP3Mogul -> RE: CD Text problems- titles don't show (12/16/2005 3:41:01 PM)

SithTracy is absolutely 100% correct, MediaPlayer cannot read CD Text.  You'll need a different play, such as MusicMatch or WinAmp.

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