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ppegasuss -> Kiss DP-558 : Do I need an amplifier ? (12/15/2005 3:23:56 AM)

Right now I only have a television set (CRT, bought last year). If I buy a surround speakers set and a Kiss DP-558 recorder, do I need to buy an external amplifier to fully enjopy surround sound or does the DP-558 adequately supply that function ?

Any other feedback on the Kiss DP-558 is welcome. Can I find another DVD HD recorder with Ethernet connection in the same price range (approx. 500 EUR) ?


Antonio -> RE: Kiss DP-558 : Do I need an amplifier ? (12/15/2005 4:55:13 AM)

If your speakers have a built-in amplifier then you don't need an extra. But if they are passive, not active, then yes you will need. The KISS has no amplifier on it.

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