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Juancho19 -> Nero Borning Rom 7 (12/12/2005 7:34:23 PM)

When I try to run the Nero Burning Rom 7, an error pops up saying; Nero.Exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. I can use Nero Expres with no problem. It is only when I try to run Nero Burning Rom.

SithTracy -> RE: Nero Borning Rom 7 (12/13/2005 12:00:26 AM)

Have you picked up the latest version... v7.0.1.4?

emperor -> RE: Nero Borning Rom 7 (12/13/2005 2:31:52 AM)

yes try the latest one

Juancho19 -> RE: Nero Borning Rom 7 (12/18/2005 8:06:07 PM)

No, I have v.7.0
What can I do in this case?

tqhoang -> RE: Nero Borning Rom 7 (12/19/2005 12:06:26 AM)

Simply update Nero to the latest v7.

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