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ellensimpkins -> cannot record individual tracks to CD (12/12/2005 10:19:19 AM)

I recently received a computer with Sonic RecordNow already installed. I have tried to use it, but am having some trouble. I can make an "exact copy" of a CD with absolutely no problem, but, when I try to make a compilation CD (individual tracks from various CDs) I keep getting a pop-up that tells me to "insert a disc" in the proper drive. I have already done so, and this same type of disc works when I make an exact you have any suggestions?

SithTracy -> RE: cannot record individual tracks to CD (12/12/2005 10:45:29 AM)

I have a feeling you're burning a track or two at a time (or attempting to).  You're likely recoding in DISC-AT-ONCE mode and closing the session resulting in a disc with one or a few tracks.  The best approach for you would be to rip all your songs to your hard disc and then make the compilation you want.

I'm not familiar with Sonic Record Now, but have to believe the only help of the product can walk you through it.

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