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Doozer -> The Two "H's" - help and hello... (12/11/2005 9:00:55 AM)

Hello and Help!

Just bought a Sony RDR-HXD910 (for £700, so hope I've chosen well) but am having troubles setting it up.  I have a Sky+ box, but having followed the diagram in the booklet it is still not finding any channels.  Instead, I'm getting a black wavey line moving accross the screen and the message that no channels have been found despite its auto search for them in the "easy set up" initiation.  I'm prob doing something really simplistically wrong - HELP!

emperor -> RE: The Two "H's" - help and hello... (12/12/2005 3:39:34 AM)

cannot help much at this, maybe another forum member?

Antonio -> RE: The Two "H's" - help and hello... (12/12/2005 5:08:02 AM)


I don't know anything about it also.[:o]

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