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Nachtwolf -> Question about MP3s..... (12/4/2005 5:56:45 AM)

Hi everyone, I have an odd question that I think I may already sadly know the answer to... but here goes anyway.

Does anyone know if there is a possible way, and if so, a program that allows me to decompile MP3s?  By that I mean.... you have your MP3 as a whole with all the tracks compiled together... but can you pull them apart, so you'd have your percussion track, guitar track, vocal track, etc all in individual tracks as they were recorded in the studio, for say, a band?

I don't think it's possible, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks a ton!

MP3Mogul -> RE: Question about MP3s..... (12/4/2005 6:53:45 AM)

Yes it's "possible" you'll need a digitizing software.  It's "EXTREMELY" difficult.  You would be better off if you had a wave file, because the MP3 has so much noise in it from compression, that it's going to be very very hard to accomplish.

SithTracy -> RE: Question about MP3s..... (12/4/2005 8:58:14 AM)

There was once a program called Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, but Adobe aquired it and it is now called Adobe Audition.  Have not used it in years, but it wasn't bad... just time consuming.

Nachtwolf -> RE: Question about MP3s..... (12/5/2005 3:31:46 AM)

sounds like it'd be a pain... how could I go about getting WAVs from these...I'll post an actual example...

I've got a CD that I've ripped to my hard drive in MP3 format from the standard audio disk format (.cda or whatever the crap it is. it's late and I can't recall exactly. lol)

Now...instead of ripping in MP3 format, can I rip in WAV ? (never tried) and if so, if I have one of these programs, it IS possible to decompile the music into their original tracks as I've stated above?

Thanks a load for the info! Any more is greatly appreciated!!! ^_^

MP3Mogul -> RE: Question about MP3s..... (12/5/2005 2:22:38 PM)

Yes you can rip to wave.  This is the CD's native format

As far as separating tracks.... you will only be able to separate what was actually recorded separate.  In other words, if the entire CD was recorded in regular stereo, you'll have a hard time isolating the tracks from it.  If the particular CD was recorded on a professional Multitrack recorder, you will stand a better chance.

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