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huskerdu -> Flashing 6100@6500 (11/30/2005 3:10:54 AM)

Hi everyone!

I´ve got one tiny 6100A that came bundled within my DELL D600 laptop.
Once I found this forum I decided to flash it to 6500A using TDB flasher utility.
Everything went reasonabily well (that was a year ago).
Lately I´ve found problems ripping DVD´s to my HD (ripping errors). I thought that it was a hardware problem but I did not find any solution.
Suddenly I decided to try and go back to original 6100A firmware (TDB again) to see what happens and results were incredibily well: ripping capability was OK and I was capable of ripping video DVD´s that gave me errors when using [email=6100@6500]6100@6500[/email] fimware.
I was quite confident of the burner but when I tried to burn DVD+R media (6100A is only +R/+RW +R DL writter) problems started again: illegal disc errors.
So, the situation is as follows (for short):
  • [email=6100@6500]6100@6500[/email] firmware is OK for burning (almost) any media (I´m currently using Verbatim 16x +R), BUT is not capable of ripping video DVD´s (I really think that finds errors when reaching the layer break in DVD-9).
  • original 6100A firmware rips OK, BUT does not burn at all, even the supposed "legal" media (+R/RW +R DL).

In the end, I´m flashing the burner to original firmware whenever I need to rip a video-DVD and back to the [email=6100@6500]6100@6500[/email] firmware for burning.

I do not feel comfortable flashing the burner so many times and, on the other hand, I do not technically understand thatbsituation.

¿Any suggestion? Sorry for the too-long post.

huskerdu -> RE: Flashing 6100@6500 (12/29/2005 3:15:08 AM)

Anybody out there?

No suggestion?

What about you, Emperor? [8|]

Antonio -> RE: Flashing 6100@6500 (12/29/2005 4:12:20 AM)

How about flash your drive with the most recent for the 6100? 6100 you have it now, am I correct?

huskerdu -> RE: Flashing 6100@6500 (12/30/2005 2:59:25 AM)

I think that there is no any update for the original 104D firmware (I mean for the 6100A burner).

And going back to the original firmware does neither work...

In the end I wish to know how many times could I flash the drive.

Antonio -> RE: Flashing 6100@6500 (12/30/2005 4:18:24 AM)

Since the original firmware of the 6100 cause you problems them maybe a newer for the 6500 not to.



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