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flammable pyro -> ps3 (11/29/2005 10:52:05 PM)

i went to gamestop to sell a game to raise more for my xbox360 but i stoped and talked to the man he said there xbox360 already over loaded he also said that the ps3 runs faster has beter dvd playing beter games and beter graphics and got info that the ps3 will be less then 500$ could it be that posibley thee best game system will over sell microsoft form the looks of it everyone here seems to love sony but i still need more on the ps3 with its outward looking system and almost resembles a "printer" it is said to have the smallest controler ever made.  if its that much beter and cheaper whats stoping all the ppl with xbox to jsut go buy it? im not sure but from the ppl ive talked to the microsoft fans all have grudges agiants sony. when asking a fellow kid at a junior high i said "do you like microsoft?" the kid replied "yes of course" when i asked if he hates sony he replied " yea sony sucks ass" - cj drummond. why would someone hate sony so much can anyone answer when i asked the boy why all he said was "because they suck ass i dont know" well im very confused right now...

fernandes -> RE: ps3 (11/30/2005 1:41:47 AM)

well, the "they suck ass" remark doesnt strike as an elaborated and walked through remark :P it's rather an excuss for one's favorite stuff. if u get my drift :P
If i were in ur shoes, i would wait for a more detailed view of the PS3 and then compare them, according to what i could afford as well as my needs :)

flammable pyro -> RE: ps3 (11/30/2005 6:00:09 PM)

well  dosent it depend on what games u like for instance i luv halo so i will  have to get xbox i want fable so ill have to get xbox do u catch my drift?

ah bao -> RE: ps3 (12/13/2005 2:11:01 AM)

be it ps3 or xbox360 down the line you would get each system for it's premire game... for instance xbox 360 for it's Halos and ps3 for it's Final Fantasies... ultimately in the end i see gamers... breakdown and get both these systems... not to mention if nintendo revolution comes out too... more money to be spent.  anyone see the new revolution controller?? yeah it's just a controller... ??? 

emperor -> RE: ps3 (12/13/2005 2:27:12 AM)

i have seen a picture of the revolution controller somewhere around the net, they said you will be able to play 3D games with it

casey7672 -> RE: ps3 (12/20/2005 12:58:05 PM)

Xbox 360 has lower abilities than the PS3. PS3will operate at 2 TeraFLOPS vs 1 TeraFLOP 360. PS3 has the Bluray disc which can hold more information and be read from extremely fast for Hi-Def and it's games will be in hi-def vs 360 that doesn't.360 will make multiple disc games while PS3 will be able to put the same game on 1 Disc. PS3 will play hi-def movies and 360 wont. PS3 supports 7 controllers and will display to 2 TV's . So no 2nd console needed for (LAN) systems link gaming. Xbox wont do that either. PS3 has a removeable harddrive for upgrading. With these advantages it has, it's better to spend $400 on it than the 360. And they're saying sony sucks because they've decided that Microsoft is USA and Sony is Japan. I think it's about supporting stuff made in the USA. But yet I'll bet they buy stuff from other countrys all the time.

emperor -> RE: ps3 (12/21/2005 3:38:44 PM)

even i have a PS2 i would wait to see what exactly Sony will show at PS3, the specs may change until the unit arrives, the Xbox 360 is here, i read today that modchips are around the corner, meaning will have a big sales advantage over PS3...

flammable pyro -> RE: ps3 (1/7/2006 3:21:18 PM)


ORIGINAL: casey7672

. PS3 supports 7 controllers

who needs seven controllers???? who goes around playing w/ seven controllers??

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