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Southern Belle1 -> help need a diag (11/29/2005 9:21:40 PM)

is there a diag for testing why windows and recently bios is not recognizing my cdrw drives?
i'm at wits end and cant figure it out, someone suggested to remove the second channels and i did also they showed up in safe mode and they said to remove them there too and reboot reinstall secondary's....i did and now they arent showing up in safe mode either.

they were fine and both have power and i changed the cables to a new one did a nother check to make sure cables were secure..they were.

so please please please help me find an answer, i'm so lost

thanks your help is appreciated


SithTracy -> RE: help need a diag (11/29/2005 9:49:59 PM)

Sony Rootkit???  Not sure.  Possibly a bad IDE cable... Replace it and check the jumpers and power... make sure your PSU is giving enough juice.

On a side note, I just upgraded to Firefox 1.5 and my pointer goes crazy with your font selection... flickers with the hour-glass... any other Firexfox 1.5 users confirm???

MP3Mogul -> RE: help need a diag (11/30/2005 5:19:42 AM)

You have a very old system, you just need to obtain the IDE drivers for the system.

Southern Belle1 -> RE: help need a diag (11/30/2005 9:29:37 AM)


thank you for the help. 

i already changed the cables, checked'em twice, removed .. reinstalled 
but i was thinkin power supply this morning but didnt want to be true 1 i dont have another psu and i wont touch'em again cuz well... i shorted out our apartment doing  it before ...twice ok ok well i shorted out the entire apt/cottages out..  so if yal wanna do it kewl lol

i'll check back later for update thanks so much and looking forward to hearing some alternate tricks and fixes.

thanks again,

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