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AppleCore -> Offset printing on CD-R (11/28/2005 12:45:40 AM)


I wonder anyone has experience with offset printing on CD-R.  I used a company in Redmond WA to do silkscreen on CD-R and the result was horrible. The picture was pixelated and the resolution sucks!  I was told offset printing will eliminate the problem and I contacted few companies but they all said offset printing will peel off the metallic layer.  Didn't they do offset printing on the retail CDs?


Clint -> RE: Offset printing on CD-R (11/28/2005 3:53:39 AM)

What sort of volume are we talking here?

Antonio -> RE: Offset printing on CD-R (11/28/2005 5:15:00 AM)

Did you make head allignment for your printer?

RiverChicken -> RE: Offset printing on CD-R (11/28/2005 11:36:25 AM)

Hi AppleCore,

We tried silkscreen on CD-R before and the result was ok.  But until we saw offset printing then we know there was a big difference. Silkscreen is ok for very solid artwork such as logo and text.  Offset is good for picture artwork. If you have a picture artwork and you used silkscreen then the printer should warn you.

Try this compay at .  It was suggested by Andy MaFadden's famous CDR Faq at .

Good luck!

AppleCore -> RE: Offset printing on CD-R (1/4/2006 1:39:55 AM)

Thanks RiverChicken,

FYI, I tried and just got my first batch of 1000 discs, $640 for offset printing including the 52x media.  I guess this is a pretty good deal.  But I found the data side of the discs is slightly yellow greenish.  Once I burn a disc I can see the burned area.  I was wondering if there a kind of CD-R that you can hide it's being a CD-R; i.e. not to reveal the burned area.  New Cyberian Systsems told me this is called silver diamond disc but bummer they don't carry those disc now.  Anyone know where I can find them?  Thanks!

CDTower -> RE: Offset printing on CD-R (5/8/2006 1:56:54 AM)

New Cyberian has the silver diamond in stock now.  Thanks to this thread I put a rain check to them and they finally got me the silver diamond CD-R with offset printing.  It cost me a little bit more but it was worth it.  Once burned, it looks like a disc that is pressed from a glass master, namely cd replication.

Eventually I had the need to copy 1000 DVDs.  It only cost my $740 to do the DVD replication.  In the beginning I had my mind stuck in burning the CD-R or DVD-R but never realized sometimes replication is even cheaper.  You need to have volume to justify though.

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