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flammable pyro -> xbox360 budles (11/27/2005 8:43:14 PM)

as i went to gamestop online to look and try and order xbox premium package i found they would not sell me one. to my suprise all that came up was the xbox 360 bundles. there are fve of them. the ...
core bundle -  689.00
EA bundle-     839.00
silver budle-  839.00
ultimate - 1189.00
ultimate plasma- 3689.00
i think this is a litle nuts anyone who buy any of theese are really hard gamers but i suggest either going for the core bundle or the premium package.if u are tell me y u would buy one of theese maybe u can convince me there worth it

SiliconFreak -> RE: xbox360 budles (11/28/2005 5:00:17 AM)

Thats why I'll rather wait little longer....until PS3 comes prices and other characteristics...decide...and buy buy buy....[:)]

flammable pyro -> RE: xbox360 budles (11/29/2005 6:40:12 PM)

well th thing is every website i go on it says there system is the best i would actually like to know the truth about who is the greates system of what they call " the next generartion"

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