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flammable pyro -> Nintendo revolution (11/27/2005 4:22:05 PM)

lol this is pathetic how does nintendo revolutin  think they can compete with xbox360 or ps3? lisen they had a good run it looks like a nice system but plz if ur over the age is 11 dont buy it. yea it looks nice but its for kids and they only have enough money because of nintendo ds nintendo gamecube almost went bankrupt. its pathetic if anyone wants to buy a nintendo revolution....

flammable pyro -> RE: Nintendo revolution (11/27/2005 4:38:52 PM)

[image][/image]                      [image][/image]  [image][/image]

those are wat each look like u see xbox360 has a inward feeling why the ps3 has a outward more fat feeling. the nintendo revolution has a slanted sort of system. the ps3 has a half moon controler while the xbox360 has a more regular wireless xbox control just a litle smaller. the nintendo revolution has a remot with thumbstick feeling as u see below

Clint -> RE: Nintendo revolution (11/28/2005 4:10:21 AM)

I very much disagree... Revolution will offer things that the other 2 cannot, such as compatability with the World's longest surviving systems, (all previous Nintendo console games), not to mention the innovative 'motion stick' sword like controller, that can be used for a far broarder variety of games than the other two's controllers. Don't get me wrong, the PS3 will be most powerful, but I will have to get a Revolution aswell [;)] As for GameCube, has anybody seen Resident Evil 4? It is much better graphically than what Xbox and PS2 can ever offer. Gameplay is also pretty darn good...

flammable pyro -> RE: Nintendo revolution (11/28/2005 10:12:16 AM)

well yes nintendo has been going for a long time but there system has child clocks all over it. what does that tell you that means its for litle kids it says it in its advertisments and did u notice gamecube stoped selling games for a while? they went bankrupt or on the verge of it.they got killed by there compition if ur a  kinda gamer who wants awsoem graphics a war fighting games go with ps3 or xbox360 but if u wana dance in happy land with willy wonka and 10 parental blocks on ur system i say revolution is right up there with u.when i got the gamecube i was disapointed with the games and im not holding nintendo to highly with the gamecube revolution

SithTracy -> RE: Nintendo revolution (11/28/2005 1:45:14 PM)


but plz if ur over the age is 11 dont buy it.

I'm over the age of 11... Actually, almost 40 and I have a GameCube... I also have two young kids and the game lineup for PS# and XBOX are a little too mature for them... so your kind of right.  As a parent, I don't want my kids playing games like those that seem to attract kids to the PlayStation... and for that matter, Parents today are fools to buy the crap they do for their kids without researching what it is.

I am interested in what Nintendo has to offer because I see them as a firm with values.  I cannot say that for Sony... Microsoft should really stick to the PC, but in a disillusioned attempt to compete with Sony, I think Microsoft will one day end up buying Nintendo to overtake them.   I doubt I will rush out and get a Revolution, but I will will watch it with interest.

flammable pyro -> RE: Nintendo revolution (11/28/2005 6:11:06 PM)

yes its great for kids my brother wen he was 14 went and got vice city i really bad game gamecube is great if u  have smaller kids because u dont want them playing vice city or halo and i think its great u dont let u kids play those games when my mom found out my brother was playing it he got into so much trouble and thats the way it should be there are ratings on games for resons and they should be followed

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