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Winnie -> Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/19/2003 2:43:48 PM)

We've just got a Playstation 2 with a chip and have been warned not to use the Princo brand copied games as they draw too much power from the Playstation 2 machines and cause them to buggar up big time.
Does anybody know if this is true or not?

sp -> RE: Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/19/2003 5:57:43 PM)

Yellow dyes do exactly the oposite, draw about 20% less power from the laser.

Princo media are considered by many as of low quality, hence it might have troubles being read pn PS2, which actually, I have not heard off here before.

RangerZeus -> RE: Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/22/2003 9:08:13 PM)

Does this mean that is better to use yellow dyes CDR/DVDR? What Brands of CDR/DVDR is better to use?

sp -> RE: Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/26/2003 2:04:32 AM)

It is not the type of the dye these days that plays the most important role, but the whole manufacturing process.

For example yellow dye Princo are not considered quite good.
Our moderators have long experience on this and I hope they will add their own responces here.
For me the problem is solved by the methof of trial and error. Just use several brands and make your own choice. I know that Taiyo Yuden (That's) are considered in general good media.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/26/2003 6:44:33 AM)

If all goes well I will be purchasing a PS2 tomorrow, and will be able to begin my personal testing in this area. Until then however, I'm afraid I have little more to offer beyond that which SP has already stated. Taiyo Yuden made DVDRs are always a good choice, but may not be the cheapest choice.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Playstation2 problems with Princo (12/27/2003 1:24:08 AM)

I will 3rd the TY Media. I have had some excellent luck with Ritek media as well, but stay away from CMC media.

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