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Tremo -> InCD 4.xx vs. 3.52.40 vs. 3.52.20 (12/18/2003 9:10:37 PM)

With reading all the horror stories about InCD 4.XX, I've decided to stick with 3.XX until Ahead gets it right. I currently have 3.52.20 installed on one of my older machines, and I have the install file for 3.52.40. Should I upgrade? Which is more stable? OS is Win98SE. Thanks.

dburg -> RE: InCD 4.xx vs. 3.52.40 vs. 3.52.20 (12/19/2003 4:10:31 PM)

It makes sense to upgrade if you have trouble with InCD 3.x. In general InCD 4 works better with new devices, InCD 3.x better with old devices.

Regarding stability, the data from Microsoft about crash reports show a lot of problems with InCD 3.x, and much less with InCD 4. If we want to be pesimistic, this could although just mean that the amount of installed InCD 3.x is simply much higher.

(Additionally the problems reported by Microsoft to us on InCD 4 are all been fixed as soon as possible. Most of them where fixed in the recent release.)

Tremo -> RE: InCD 4.xx vs. 3.52.40 vs. 3.52.20 (12/21/2003 9:54:55 AM)

OK, so between the two 3.XX versions I mentioned, which one is more stable? Thanks.

dburg -> RE: InCD 4.xx vs. 3.52.40 vs. 3.52.20 (12/23/2003 12:47:45 PM)

I do not have the changelog between those 2 versions, I don't exactly know which additional fixes includes I suppose it is additional recorder strings. By default I would recommend

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