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hans_gerber -> 16x Media (11/21/2005 2:05:48 AM)

Hi all,

maybe a stupid question but is the NEC 6500a (ussing 2.24 firmware by Liggy) ready to use 16x media ?


Antonio -> RE: 16x Media (11/21/2005 4:27:00 AM)

The drive is an 8X burner. I think it won't make the drive faster in writing by only reading.

This is what is included in the firmware, from Liggy:

NEC ND-6500A 2.24 BT Firmware
Included files
readme.txt   - This file
224bt_fast.bin - 2.24 firmware including booktype and riplock patch
Booktype setting allows for setting the booktype of a +R/+RW and +R-DL DVD disc to DVD-ROM.
This improves compatibility for some older commercial players.
The booktype of minus media cannot be changed.
Rip Lock removes the rip (reading) speed limitation,
(usually set to 2X) on a DVD Video with CSS encryption.

You can download the firmware and read the included txt file.[:)]

DrageMester -> RE: 16x Media (11/21/2005 4:32:24 PM)


ORIGINAL: hans_gerber

maybe a stupid question but is the NEC 6500a (ussing 2.24 firmware by Liggy) ready to use 16x media ?

The NEC 6500 supports some 16x media, but it will only write those media at a maximum burning speed of 8x!

hans_gerber -> RE: 16x Media (11/22/2005 10:41:24 AM)

I know that whith a 8x burner you can't burn at 16x. But that was not the question.
Only thing I wanted to know is whether I can use 16x medias without damaging the drive (as not so long ago you couldn't do such things without having a firmware enabling you to do so)


MP3Mogul -> RE: 16x Media (11/22/2005 6:09:55 PM)

Yes you can do this safely with your drive.

Antonio -> RE: 16x Media (11/23/2005 5:14:06 AM)

Oh, ok, sorry...

Yes you can but is there any reason to pay extra money for 16X certified media?

MP3Mogul -> RE: 16x Media (11/23/2005 6:07:03 AM)

Not that I know of......[;)]

hans_gerber -> RE: 16x Media (11/24/2005 2:09:23 AM)

You're kidding !
In fact, in many stores I have increasing difficulties to get 8x medias.
Very most stuff they have is 16x. Do you see any 4x medias any more ?
I can't, so I guess with 8x it'll be just a matter of time....


MP3Mogul -> RE: 16x Media (11/24/2005 6:15:03 AM)

I guess it just depends on where you are located..... Here (USA) where I live, you can only find 4x and 8x media.  If you do perhaps find 16x media, it's 3x the price...

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