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SiliconFreak -> US grants patent for anti-gravity device ! (11/12/2005 6:11:31 PM)

Accusations that the US Patent office is giving out dotty patents were given some credence this week after the magazine Nature discovered that the watchdog had just granted one to a bloke who claimed to have invented an anti-gravity machine.

Boris Volfson, of Huntington, is the proud holder of patent 6,960,975, which is for a space vehicle propelled by a superconducting shield that alters the curvature of space-time outside the craft in a way that counteracts gravity.

The interesting thing about the invention is that it defies the laws of physics and is put in the same league as a perpetual motion machine.

The main problem with inventing such a machine is that it implies the availability of unlimited energy, which it is unlikely that Mr Volfson has managed to do yet.
The American Physical Society said it proved that the patent examiners are being duped by false science.

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Source : TheInquirer

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